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Thursday, July 23, 2015


"One for all, all for one and leave no one behind."

I've been trying to live by this quote since long time ago, but recently, due to my greed and thirst, I forgo this and hurt someone.

I was caught up with companionship & the desire to belong and I did something that I regret now.

I tried explaining and be honest, but sadly, honesty is not the best policy. There should be some sort of secrecy so that it keeps people guessing and wanting to know more. This is how social connections work and I sucked at it.

I tried to salvage but it has come to a point that the bond has already been broken by me. I know I shouldn't have and yet I did it.

Thousand of apologies is unable to save this anymore.

I just hope that when we crossed path, we could be start afresh and this time, I do not want to make any promises that I can't keep.


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