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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Jo&YumYum: Vanilla Bar & Cafe

Hello! It's time for cafe sharing time! (: Colleague and I decided to have our lunch at Amoy Hawker Centre first and hunt for cafe around tjp area. This helps to save cost for the both of us because you guys should know that cafe hopping is an EXPENSIVE hobby!

Took a stroll behind Amoy Hawker and accidentally found out this cafe along Boon Tat Street. It's exceptionally easy to locate it, you just have to pass by a temple and walk straight down the corridors, turned to your right once you reached a T-junction and there you go! (:

3 Boon Tat Street, Singapore 069612
Operating hours: 
Mon-Thurs 10.30am - 11pm
Fri 11am - 12mn
Sat 11am - 9pm
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

It's located at the quiet corner of Boon Tat Street and provided solace for patrons with its medley of delectable Japanese fusion comfort food, premium coffee and all-day breakfast. The shop isn't big to begin with and probably could house about 15 odds indoor and outdoor?

You may want to bring a cardigan along 'cuz it's freezing cold inside!

A very small outdoor area partitioned with bamboo sticks.
It's very humid even though there's a standing fan or maybe because we visited in the noon?

Their service was relatively slow that day even though the place wasn't fully packed. Waited for a while before we were served with ice water. Both of us ordered 2 dessert dishes (including the Vanilla Dirt Cake which is highly raved) and 2 drinks to complete the meal.

Vanilla Dirt Cake - $9.50
This was served first among all the things that we ordered. Good presentation of the cake and I quite like it (:
It's basically Frozen Vanilla Ice Cream (not sweet at all) topped with Oreo crumbs and 2 gummy worrms. It's also decorated with a stalk of purple flower (my favourite colour)! The ice cream tasted like the hard version of sorbet and it's not cold at all. I stopped having it after finishing oreo crumbs.

Mini Pancakes with Vanilla Ice Cream & Caramel - $10.90
I love this dish!
Pancakes are served warm so when you paired it with the ice cream, it will taste perfect!! It's just like the it matches with molten lava/brownie cakes - warm and cold combination. Shiok!

Ice Matcha Float - $7.90
Our drinks came late and I'm not liking my matcha float :(
It tasted exactly like fresh milk even though there's matcha ice cream topped with it. Very plain and milky.
I'd rather spent less than $6 to get 2litres of HL milk from the supermarket.

Ice Mocha Float - $7.90
I'd really prefer this than the matcha one.
It has the mocha bitterness and a tinge of sweetness from the vanilla ice cream. Doesn't taste very thick nor diluted for a cold beverage.

Our total bill came up to est $40, which doesn't seems to be cheaper if we have the brunch set though.
Do note that it comes with a 10% service charge and I don't really understand why it charges that when they're so slow in serving their dishes. Pffft.

Reviews on their all-day breakfast sets seem tempting to me too! Since it was only a walking distance from our office, so we shall try it on our next visit! Overall, don't expect much for their service but their food is still considered good. I wouldn't recommend you guys to try their Vanilla Dirt Cake even though it's kind of their must-haves for Vanilla Bar & Cafe, or maybe you can try it on your initial visit?
Shall share with you on another cafe visit very soon!
Stay tuned!

With love,

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