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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dance taught me...

I've been actively going for dance classes for different genres and I'm very grateful that I was able to participate in S24 training, which in turn, brings out some of my best memories back in Ngee Ann.

Well, to be exact on when I truly started dancing -  it'll actually be the first year of poly days. I wasn't very keen on contemporary and I was like thinking, "What the hell is contemporary? Ballet say ballet lah!" Lol.

Back then, NRA was a hype in Ngee Ann and I couldn't pluck my courage to join 'cuz of the intense competition and lack of dance basics. So, I went for contemporary and oh boy, I hated it so much. It was the most boring dance class ever and I kept returning to my "hiphop" mode whenever warm-ups/routine ended. I was a hyper-active girl and likes to move around, so I don't feel right to stay at one single spot to stretch and do the contemp stuff.

However, I met the nicest bunch of people in my life - dancers. They are the ones that I stick through most of the time in Ngee Ann and they became a part of my life. I remembered Tina said, "Dancers are the nicest people!" - totally agree.

Dancers are the ones who don't just talk; they move to express themselves. "Actions speak louder than words" - those who are not dancers won't truly understand how real we can get. Dance, of course, requires much discipline, mental focus and training to get to a very good level, but whatever we dance, it's a true reflection of ourselves.

I've met more dancers while learning in different studios. Some became great friends and some, I wished I've never met. Hah. I guess, dancing is similar to life - just that we're more expressive through our body than words on paper. We can only wear one face at each phase or different genres of dance; and this is what we could not achieve in life. People has too many sides of faces that they do not wish to show and it results in draining of energy.

I could get tired every single day, dealing with people's faces; but at the end of the day, as long as there's dance, it will be my utmost pleasure to show myself who I truly am (:

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