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Friday, February 6, 2015

Hurt > Angry

Felt hurt when I was told that I was cold and not as helpful as someone else. Even if these are jokes, they're not that funny to me at all. Never ever compare among friends that you have, not even casual talking, because it hurts the one who gave their heart out. I gave my heart out to friends and people that I trust, so please don't hurt me like this. I may be tough on the outside, but I'm not as tough as it seems.


However, it taught me a lesson. It teaches me to be forgiving and to have courage to let people know that you're not comfortable in what they do or say. It teaches me what I'd really want in life/people. It's not about having an attitude problem, it's about having a goal in life. It doesn't matter if people don't keep in mind of what you say, it's those people that continues to stay in your life matters.

Forgive and let it go. Friendships are much more important than these meaningless thoughts. People are still kind as always. Be kind to them and also to yourself. (:

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