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Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy 2015!

It's never too late to look back on 2014 for my achievements! :D

Here we go:

January - First Airplane Trip to Taiwan with Xinying; Impromptu decision to participate in Safra Dance Competition (Musetify MUACKS!)

February - Although I do not have a lover, but spending my Single's Valentine with Xinying at Symmetry is not a bad idea too!

March - My first Anniversary with; Mailed my application to start my uni journey; Safra Dance Competition (great experience!); Went for left eye's syringoma removal session (kind of becoming flat eversince).

April - R! Audition (missed it due to Bridging class); Visited IDS due to blogger's review.

May - Starting of Degree Course

June - Visited Healthsprings 'cuz IDS doesn't work out for me (thanks to Xinying's recommendation)

August - Birthday month (WEEEE!); First time getting post-exams depression; Xinying left for Korea on the day before my birthday :'( ; Started IPL with Shunzhen (experience is not too bad!); Vital's D&D (unforgettable scene XP)

September - Wisdom tooth extraction (this time, it took an hour on the operation).

November - First Songcover on Youtube

December - Legoland and Waterpark with ZhenHaoGina (a great experience having dinner while a big dog was sitting beside); Attended Cheekiat's wedding proposal; Signed up for 6 sessions of Yoga/Pilates at Sadhana Sanctuary (all by myself! :D); Spent Xmas with Zhen (steamboat) & R! friends & Tina (KTV); Rewarded myself with Xmas Presents!

It seems like I've been through quite a lot in 2014 and I kind of got out of my comfort zone to do things that I often require friends company? Just like watching movie, dinning alone and going yoga/pilates, I done it all by myself! "If you never try, you'll never know" - well, guess it fills up what I'm gonna achieve in 2015?

I want to try new things, learn to relax and let go of things that brings negativity. I'm still trying very hard on that. It's going to be all baby steps one at a time, but I believe, as long as I'm still moving, I'll be able to reach to where I'm heading.

I don't insist on making big bucks (but it'll be great if I could) and I don't insist on being famous. All I wish for is good health, good body and soul for everyone I loved. Below are some of the wishlist attained/achieved by the end of 2014:

Remove Syringoma (left right eye)
Heels for work
Hit 10,000 viewers
Foundation/BB Cream
Marc Jacobs Eyeliner
Big Clutch
Donate Blood
Yoga/Pilates Course
Food Blog
Cafe Hopping
Earpiece (from Samsung Phone)
Start Degree Course
Recital (not achieveable)
Sports Bra

Well, I guess 10/15 achieved is quite impressive? Heh. :P I'll do up a new wishlist at my sidebar to keep track of my accomplishments for 2015.

Thank you all for spending time with me to review on my 2014 and I'd really hope that 2014 has been good to you too yeah?

My motto for the year: Be classy, Be sassy and Be independent - cuz ain't no girl is worth spending time crying over spilled milk! Time to be fabulous! :D

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