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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Jan 18th; Realization

What others see as small issue could mean so much to me. I've never thought that someday I would actually flare up at some people whom I've only met just recently. Not because that person has done me any wrong, but it's because I cared too much.

From others' perspective, my actions could be seen as so immature and self-centered, but what I see is a total disengagement from the relationships. I have always put friendship as priority but others won't. A recent incident has me believe that people are selfish and they don't always have to intentionally tell you whatever they are doing.

But, why do I care? Maybe they had me believe that they would mean so much more to me and will always be there for me. Or maybe I have naively expect the same effort from them?

I may be the type of friend who looks cold on the surface but deep down, I care and maybe a little too much. It suffocates people around me and had me believe that friends will always be truthful to you and tell you whatever they are thinking.

No, Jo, you're wrong. You're not even their parents, so what rights do you think you have for them to tell you everything? Whatever you want to share is your business, because it's coming out from your mouth. But, whatever that people don't wish to share, you can't force it, don't you?

Treat this as a lesson learnt: Time does not dictate the closeness of a friendship and the closeness of the friendship does not make you a priority. People changes so do yourself a favor, let it go.

Quote: Those who matter don't mind and those who mind, don't matter. If I mind too much and it does not matter to you, then it seems that you might not be of a matter to me. Let it go.

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