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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Fault in Our Stars

2014 The Fault in Our Stars Movie HD Wallpaper

This is probably the most hated movie of all times! Not because the movie lines suck or what, but it made me teared so much! :'(

Everything in this movie replaces the thought of "happily ever after" with "once upon a time". What does it exactly means? Well, right from the start, you will definitely know that the ending won't be good, but still insisted to watch it 'cuz you hoped to learn something out of it, right?

Both of them are cancer patients and they knew from the start that they won't live in this world for long. However, they braved through their own storm and thought of fear as an encouragement / motivation. Everyone fears death, but how you sees it will totally change your perception. 

Put yourself in their shoes, either Hazel or Gus, could you even imagine that you could still find love in your numbered days? The one who called each other "beautiful" and smiles with you even though you're gravely ill? 

A promise that's within a promise. 
An "okay" for their "always".

I loved how Greens make it so realistic and touching. All the quotes in the movie added on to my inspiring life collections. I've taken away alot from it and hoped that this movie will make it a turning point for all of you.

Life's precious. Life's short. Make the fullest out of it. 
Be bold and afraid at the same time because you only live once. (:

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