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Sunday, July 13, 2014

IDS Clinic Products

Hey everyone! If you have seen my review on IDS Clinic (link), you would have known that I've switched to another skincare products and still have some IDS products left.

I'm going to sell off the rest of IDS Clinic products here so it won't be of waste if I left it on my desk for long!

All products are bought on 14th April 2014 and most of them are left with >60% in its original packaging. Photos are displayed below, do let me know if you're interested in buying these products! You can contact me at and I'll reply you within 2 working days (:

C1 Cleanser, T2 Toner, Pore, C+, A+, IDS Spot

Original pricing for each item.

Offering price for individual product (all at 40% discount):
C1 Cleanser - $33.50
T2 Toner - $33.50
Pore - $41.00
C+ - $67.50 (at 50% discount, 'cuz already used half of it)
A+ - $81
IDS Spot - $21

*I'm able to give you more discounted price if you're buying as a set. (:

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