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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Taiwan Trip 2014 - Day 2

We checked out from the hotel at 9.30am and went for their breakfast buffet. There's not a lot to choose from and I only had 2 Bananas, Salad and Egg Omelette. Put our luggage in the hotel and hopped in to the cab for our first adventure of the day - 纸箱王 (Carton King)! The journey took around 20 mins from our hotel.

Entrance fee costs NT200, which is inclusive of NT100 vouchers for food/gifts purchases. I find that the concept of combining vouchers with entrance fees is pretty good because you won't really feel the pinch if you spend alot inside. :p

First stop, which you definitely will not miss, is the Carton King Zoo. They have very skillful craftsmen who can make almost anything out of cartons!

  I'm in love with the colourful pinwheels that greeted us along the pathway. Like seriously, where can you see these in Singapore?

Hello Gwangsoo~!

Next stop - 包装故事馆. It's practically a gift/souvenir shop but if you explore even further, you can find a wishing tree with lots of paper autumn leaves. All wishes were written down and hung on the branches of the tree.

Here's my wish: Wishing family & friends to stay healthy and be happy everyday! (:

Third stop - Honey Bee Museum. Xinying is scared of insects and when she saw the walls of Bees, she literally trembled. Was dragging her up the stairs and her face went pale much. Hah! 

Initially, I wanted to buy the flower pollens back for family because of good health effects but, was distracted by the Honey Icecream instead. 

Honey Ice Cream - NT45
It tasted really good! It's kind of like pure honey mixed with frozen vanilla and it's not too sweet! Thumbs up for that!

And if you exit from the second storey of the shop, you can actually find LIVE BEES kept behind a glass panel!

Cutesy Bee~

We had our ice cream over at the Balcony and these pretty balls caught my eyes. Trying to take the kind of artsy shots, but o well, I guess I failed the job! :x

Took my OOTD at the balcony too!

The view from balcony was really nice and we certainly don't feel like leaving the place at all. :(

It's the pretty pinwheels again! We spent alot of time capturing the beautiful moments there!

Xinying brought along her polaroid and we each get to keep a flim for ourselves! Thanks Xinying!!

Last stop in Carton King - 纸箱故事馆. I guess the concept is similar to 包装故事馆, it can be souvenir shop and also a mini museum at the same time.

The stage is all yours, Xinying!

Thought of Nariko when I saw this! I remembered watching this show when we were celebrating Amanda's 21st Birthday in Sentosa!

My favourite cartoon character - Spongebob!!!

Spent some time there to shop for souvenirs and quickly rushed off to our cab because we were already behind time for our next destination - Lavender Cottage.

Entrance fee is NT100, which is inclusive of NT100 vouchers for food/sourvenirs, so actually, it's kind of free entry but paying at the door is like putting on a front. Hah!

Heard from our driver that between November to April is the season for Lavender to blossom! I'm mad excited already! Imagine all the places filled with purple lavender~~

Blow wind blow~ Face full of awkwardness!

Went up the steep hill and got ourselves Lavender Ice Cream along the way.

Mild scent of Lavender with light frozen cream - NT50.

All the pretty Lavender along the hillsides..

We went into a maze gallery containing different herbs and spices. You can press the button and the scent will come out. There's quite a few places for us to take our shots there too!

"Can I stay in this cottage forever?"

"Hi Sir, I would like to apply for permanent stay in Taiwan."

Strolled over to a cafe over there and we're hungry already, so we ordered snacks and tea there.

Lavender MilkTea & Vegetable Pizza Crepe
*Recommended - especially the MilkTea*

Drizzle came and we hurried to our cab and took almost an hour to reach CityInn Plus Hotel. Retrieved our luggage and rushed to the station. Bumped into the peak hour of the day and got flustered when getting bus tickets and getting on their TRA (the railway track train). Everyone was moving so fast that if you stopped, you can hinder the traffic. Please remember to avoid timing at around 9am or 5pm during weekdays if you need a ride on any public transport!

We finally bought our 便当 and have it on HSR! (: It was really nice, even though it costs only NT55?


Reached Taipei Main Station and bought their Travel's Card - 悠游卡 at NT200 (Deposit is NT100, where NT20 is chargeable for admin fee if we were to refund the card and NT100 is for the topup).

Dragged our luggage to our next Hotel - A Simple Place at 西门町 Xi Men Ding Area - leave at exit 1 of Xi Men Station.

The room is clean and simple - looks more like a home to me! Oh ya, there's this Philippine staff who is very friendly and humorous! At first, I thought that he was one of Xinying's friend because they were already joking with each other when they first met! He's really nice too. He brought and treated us 阿宗面线 Ah Zong Mee Sua, a few streets away from our hotel.

Small - NT45, Big - NT60.
Seriously, get the big one because it's very delicious!!

We went to Shida Night Market afterwards and most of the shops are closed at 10pm :( Were only able to strike off a few of the 'must eat' on our itinerary.

Ah Nuo's Crepe - Banana Honey Crepe at NT55 (can't remember the exact price)

We also bought Bean Curd topped with red bean, which located just opposite An Nuo's Crepe. Xinying said that it's a must-eat in Shida though & it never disappoints me (: Went back to Xi Men to meet up with Xinying's poly friend, YuFen, who happened to be staying around our district too! Walked her back to Wan Nian @ ECFA and oh boy, we promised that we would never want to stay in that hotel! The whole building was very eerie, even the lift sounds creepy to us.

Reached our hotel at around 1am, settled down and washed up till 3.30am. Was completely knocked out by the time I finished writing my journal! It was very tired to travel from Tai Zhong to Xi Men, but I'm sure both of us will definitely be looking forward to the next day's schedule - 十份,九份,庙口夜市!!

With love,

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