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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jo&YumYum: Ramyun & Soju

Hello guys! Today I wanna share with you on this mini restaurant that I recently patronized. It's located at Orchid Hotel and I guessed it's considered a new restaurant around our area?

Tanjong Pagar
1 Tras Link, Orchid Hotel
Singapore 078867

Initially we only wanted to go to the newly renovated Tanjong Pagar Plaza's hawker for lunch, but when we walked past Orchid Hotel, this restaurant caught our eyes.

The design of the restaurant is pretty simple - there's 1 big LED TV playing KPOP MVs and few tables & chairs to house for at most 10 people inside? There's also a mini counter for you to pay for your meal first before food is served through waitress. The restaurant does not only sells Ramen but there's other choices like Toppoki (korean rice cake in spicy sauce), dumplings, omelette, grilled chicken & etc.

We each ordered a Lunch Set Promo with our preferred broth, toppings and drinks. Saw the bottom right of the paper? They do offer Dinner Ramyum Set too, just in case lunch time is too rush for you! (:

I was quite surprised that each of us will have 2 side dishes and the KIMCHI IS DELICIOUS! It's not drying and definitely not tasteless! I like how it tasted more to the sour side and it's very crunchy too! Thumbs up for the kimchi! Mmm, not really a fan of sushi rolls, so I've no comment on it. (:

Here comes my full Lunch Set: Ice Lemon Tea + 2 Side Dishes + Ramyum topped with Dumplings! Chose the original spicy broth and it somehow tasted like the ones in NongShin Maggie, just that I don't really feel thirsty afterwards, so I guess it doesn't put alot of MSGs in it? I like the dumplings though, because it's really hand-made dumplings! Normally, other stalls will put in frozen dumplings and the dough is hard and it will tend to get stuck in between gums and teeth, but this one, OMG, the dough is very thin and soft and smooth!! Really love the dumplings alot! :D

Overall, I feel that the lunch set is worth the price (SGD 10.90 NET) and though there's waitress serving, you dont have to pay for the extra 10% service charge! Definitely affordable and doesn't burn a hole in your pocket! Go try it out! (:

If you follow me on Instagram (/josiegoesweeeee), you will see that I'm wearing this dress more often when there's a gathering after work. I'm totally in love with this piece (bought from Intoxiquette), being versatile, you can wear it to work (topped over with cardigan) or to casual dates on weekends too! (: Shall visit more places with yummy food so that I can share with all of you! Diet shall wait till tomorrow! :p

With love,

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