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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Taiwan Trip 2014 - Day 1

Hello everybody! Today I will be sharing my experiences in Taiwan with all of you because it's my first time ever to travel with Xinying to one of my favourite country for a week! I'll probably be separating one week's worth of hype-ness into different posts so it won't be taxing for me and you! :D

Starting off with Xinying's dad picking us up to Changi Airport and checking in for our flight and we were very lucky to get seats next to each other! We bought our tickets through Tiger Airways at around SGD 350 for 2-way flights and additional weight for our check-in luggage. Had our breakfast at MacDonald and off we go for our adventures!

I will always have this feeling of excitement and at the same time, uncertainty, when I get to travel out of Singapore, probably because of the haunted hotels/kidnapping/robbery cases I've heard from other friends. However, I knew I will be alright because we can always look out for each other along the way (:

Mandatory shots of the plane and beautiful skies filled with fluffy clouds during the flight. 

As soon as we reached TaoYuan Airport, we immediately looked for telecom shops to get our prepaid cards. Got pretty confused about where we should get them and were lugging our luggage to and fro in the airport. We chose 台湾大哥大 prepaid cards at NT500 with 15mins free talktime (Set D). (:

Boarded their bus to High Speed Railway Station (HSR) and bought tickets there to get from 桃园 to 台中.

Supposedly, one of our plans is to buy 便当 from 7-Eleven and have it on HSR but the timing was too rush, so we ditched the plan & rushed down to catch our train. 

Interior of HSR

We also took another train (the railway track type)  to 台中 Main Station for check-in at our hotel, CityInn Plus Hotel. 

If you ever gonna check-in at this hotel, please exit from the right side of the station! We got out from the main exit and walked one big round to reach the hotel! Both of us were very pissed when we saw the mini exit of the station right outside of the hotel.

While checking in to our hotel, the counter staff told us that there wasn't enough rooms so they upgraded our rooms to the Elite Rooms instead.

The walkway of the hotel also very nice right?

 I love the design of  the room, not too bad nor too small to accommodate the both of us and it looked bright & clean! There's huge mirrors for us to camwhore too! :D

We finally got to rest our feet & hands for dragging our luggage~ Washed up abit & did makeup for the night. Chilled in the room for a while before heading out for late lunch cum dinner cum supper!

Because we were famished from our flights, we went to a nearby store, somewhat like 7-Eleven, to get some food.

It's kinda like Omelette Sushi wrapped with Teriyaki Chicken. It comes with free drinks and costs NT49 in total! Less than SGD3 sia~~

We were lucky enough to bump into 2 Singaporeans and just nice, they were going to FengJia Night Market too! After asking directions from a staff, we took Bus 33 from 台中 Main Station. You can also take Bus 3 and 35 to reach there.

Bus drivers there operate a tad different from our local drivers. They will announce what they will do, for e.g. "现在要左转,请小心 (Making a left turn now, please be careful!)". Although there's automated announcer, the driver will still announce the stop name and stops at every bus stop.

We alighted at Opposite Feng Jia University and parted our ways with the couple. The night market was just 2-3 mins walk away from the bus stop.

Entrance of 逢甲夜市 (Feng Jia Night Market)

大肠包小肠 (Sausage wrapped in Glutinous Rice) - NT40
*Superb & very unique!*

炸香蕉,蜂蜜口味 (Fried Banana with Honey Syrup) - NT25

甘梅薯条 (Fried Sweet Potato) - NT35
This was very recommended by Xinying & she was jumping with joy when she saw this shop!

Saw the Spongebob design in the middle? So cute right?!

I was trying to mock at her when she was able to walk past the banner and told her to stand there to take a shot, but she didn't get my joke until I told her about it -_-|||

1000cc of Oolong Tea. Never finished it at all and placed it overnight in our room's fridge.

Remembered another friend recommending me this cheesy potato snack but we don't find it very delicious. It might be another stall that she recommend? Hmmm...

章鱼烧 (Takoyaki) - NT45
Although this might be very common in Singapore, but I must say that it's worth the wait. Crispy on the outside and soft inside. Even the octopus is in big bite-size!

It was really rare to spot rubbish bins along the streets, so we held all the rubbish on our hands first. Patronized Watsons there and spent most of my time thinking if I should splurge on cosmetics, but in the end, decided to go over Xi Men Ding to buy instead. I remembered we started to walk Feng Jia from 6pm -12.30am and we only covered around half of the night market? Can't imagine us to finish walking the whole night market for a day though! Passed by a souvenir shop selling 925 silver earrings! Finally I can buy something for my own already!

It's really pretty, isn't it? (:

Hailed a cab and reached our hotel at around 1am. The cab driver is a very nice! He gave us his namecard and said he provides booking service for half/full day, so we decided to book him for the next day to drive us around for sightseeing. He quoted NT2000 (SGD87) for half day services and we thought it was quite affordable. He also warned us about the weather turning cold for the next 2 days and told us to wear thicker clothes. We had nice chat with him while on our way back. Prepared to wash up and get some rest for the night. We're definitely excited about our schedule for the next day - 纸箱王 & 薰衣草草原!!

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