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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Chocolate Cereals with Rainbow Sprinkles

Hi everybody! How have your first weekend of the year been so far? Mine's been great! (:
Spent my Saturday morning to whip up mini pancake breakfast set for Xinying as her exam good luck charm! Really hope that you did enjoy the meal even though you have it cold. Tsk. Went over to Teoheng and I must say that my singing skills really de-proved alot! Miss my old voice though :/ Guess I have to stop my alcohol addictions for long already. Oh ya, I slept through the whole afternoon and missed my dancers gathering in the evening :( I'm so so sorry guys!! Will definitely make it up to you all! :p

I guess I've been such an influence on my brother that he started to whip up this dessert out of boredom!

Chocolate Cereals with Rainbow Sprinkles
[photo taken by Samsung Galaxy S4]

Presenting the chef for today: Eric!!!


I'll be heading over to Taiwan for a week on Tuesday (I'M FREAKING EXCITED!!!!) , so do stay tuned to this page after I returned to Singapore alright? ;) Meanwhile, I'll provide instant updates/pictures on my facebook page - Josiegoesweeeee - during the trip or you can follow me through Instagram ( too!! 

And to my friends who's starting school tomorrow, best of luck to you and start stocking up snacks for lectures!!! Cya soon!! :D

With love,

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