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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Jo&YumYum: D' Good Cafe

Spent the last Friday night of YR 2013 with colleagues at D' Good Cafe. (:


Brief description of D' Good Cafe below:
d' Good Café brings a brand new coffee experience – “Blend & Brew the way you like it”. Believing each customer is like no other, we push the boundaries of the Third Wave of coffee. We offer customers something that is uniquely them by allowing them to create their own coffee blend from a range of single origin beans. 

Customers could also select from our varied coffee menu where each cup is carefully crafted with our house blend.

Here's a piece of their menu: (click to maximize)

Heard a lot of good reviews about this cafe and was really looking forward to having the delicacies there! (: It was very accessible and was just 5 mins walk away from Holland V MRT! The cafe front wasn't big and you have to climb up the stairs to enter the cafe itself. The place was pretty decent and clean, walls painted in white but not boring. I was very amazed by the elevator in the cafe 'cuz I've never ride on such simple yet such a space-like elevator before!

The Balcony

The place wasn't big but cozy enough to hold around 30 odds in each storeys. They have 2 storeys in total, each carrying different themes and feel. The Bar and Lawn is located at 2nd storey, they have swings there, but it was all occupied when we got there, so didn't have the chance to sit on it. :( The Attic and Balcony feels very comfortable and it almost feels like home. The downside is that, both storeys (besides the Balcony) are enclosed so we won't get to see the scenery outside of the cafe.

By the time we reached there, Janice was already waiting for us in The Attic. We all went crazy over the cozy corner 'cuz we saw those 3 huge teddies lying on the bean bag!

Don't emo Teddy! We've come to play~

Teddy says "Hi!!!"

 Super love this picture!

Enough of the camwhore and here comes the food! We ordered these based on internet reviews and best recommendations! Didn't get myself any hot beverage so, no coffee art for me :(

Sherry's Mint Mochaccino!
Cutesy Rabbit Art~
The taste is fantastic, kinda taste like the Peppermint Mocha in Starbucks, but the coffee art wins all hands down!!

Bacon Cabonara
Not really a fan of creamy pasta but the sauce is rather tasty and bacon was well-cooked!

Fresh Prawn Aglio Olio 
This is the bomb! Love this very very much!
It has a very fragrant garlic taste and that prawn is very juicy, tender & FRESH!
* Totally Recommended!*

Hand Made Breakfast
Love every single ingredient in this dish, especially the scrambled eggs & satuee mushrooms!!
Bread was toasted just right - neither too crispy nor too soft.

Portobello Pizza
Size was just right for the 6 of us and the tomato base sauce is superb! 
Wonder if they make the sauce from scratch?
Crust wasn't too thick and was still cripsy when we leave it for a few minutes!

d' Good Cafe
(Free Wifi-access)
273 Holland Avenue
Tel: +65 6219 9807
Opening hours:
Sun to Thu: 10am – 9pm
Fri & Sat: 10am – 10pm

The night ended early for me when I have to go for movie date with Janet afterwards. Nonetheless, it was great catching up with the ladies over work and exchanged gifts for the night. So sorry if the gifts weren't top-notch quality, but at least I took the effort to wrap it eh~ Hehe!

Caught "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" and didn't realise that it was directed by Ben Stiller until the credits rolled! It was a very good flim and we definitely learnt some life lessons out from it.

Sometimes when we're busy searching for the missing pieces or answers, what we did was only to ask around, however, what we actually need to do, is to step out of the door and start searching. And somehow or rather, the answers that you have been searching for, might just be found within you.

Stop Dreaming and Start Living.

ps: I've made a Facebook page for my blog updates and some bits & pieces stuff that I will share! Do help to *like* my Facebook Page (click here)  or simply say "Hi!" (:

With love,

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