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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Singapore Discovery Center with Polyhomies

It was an impromptu meetup with homies on a bright Saturday afternoon to roam around SDC. After having  lunch at Popeyes (I know I'm fat, but YOLO!), took train to Joo Koon and strolled to SDC. A very silly idea to walk to SDC under the hot sun, but it doesn't seem to take long before we reach the place.

Walked through the gallery and took silly photos along the way.

Seriously, wahhhh? :D

Made it just in time for the SpeedCoaster ride and the experience was breath-taking! I'm tremendously afraid of heights and couldn't even take >3 levels of escalator at all. Can't tank much, my palms and feet were breaking in cold sweat! What's worst when the control guy laughed at me and said that he could hear my screams in the control room! Embarrassed max! :(

It was still quite early before our movie starts, so we went over to the Army Museum for a walk. Singaporeans ans PR can entered for FREE! :D Chanced upon SAR21 Shooting area and gave it a shot but I couldn't even hit a target! :( I can't see through the peephole at all!! After that, we hopped on to SAFTI MI bus tour to chill and off we go for our movie screening lo!

Penguins (3D) is a documentary flim where we could experience how penguins fall in love with each other, raised up their chicks and how protective their parents are when predators attacked. It was really heart-warming to know that penguins are actually great parents that protect their chicks and be with them for the full 16 weeks, until the chicks became full grown and set out sea to explore the rest of the world.

There are other movies screening right now, such as Thor and Cloudy and the Meatballs, all in 3D and the screen is bigger than the ones you saw in Shaw/Cathay/GV and others. You should go and experience yourselves and ticket prices are also cheaper than the ones outside, hmmm, if I remember correctly, it's about $9? Cheap right?! #cheapthrillmax :D

Anyway, thank you all for making this excursion happened and it was really fun and entertaining to hangout with you all (: So, when is our JB trip gonna take place, Ms. How???

ps: Headed over to grandstand to sort out thoughts again and thank you for picking up my call. Telling me off actually makes me feel better and helped me think in a positive mindset. (: and, the day really ended well, you shared your happiness with me. Thank you Friend and congratulations (:

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