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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

About Time

Dress - Intoxiquette 
Belt & Bag - Bugis Street

Caught this movie over the weekend & it's simply touching and inspiring.

Time and tide waits for no men - this movie shows it all. We can never have sufficient time. No matter how young or how old you are, time will still ticks off. As long as the moment is gone, it will never come back again.

This movie teaches me to cherish all my friends and to enjoy the fullest out of it. No doubt that life will bring obstacles along the way, I believe that rainbow will definitely appear after every rainstorm.

Make full use of the time so that each of us have to do something that will truly make us happy. Why waste a day of grumpiness when we can simply let it go and smile? (:

Live life as though we were still 18,
Get that adrenaline rush pumping.
Live life as though it was the last,
Express feelings so that we would not live with regrets.

ps: Teared at the last part because it was really touching, so get ready your hanky if you're a crybaby like me! *Don't judge* :D

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