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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Trip back to Ngee Ann Poly

Today marks the second year for D3's recital. The concept was amazing and incredibly fascinating. Totally enjoyed the whole concert. Congrats to all the dancers and choreographers, all have done good and improved so much! (:

Afterwards, I went over to my faculty to take a look. Looking forward to every changes in the area and constantly breathing the air that once made me feel like home.

This is the first place that I had in mind when I told myself if I could ever stepped into NP again. Everything had changed - colours of the grandstand, the walls and the earth.

It was funny at first, to be sitting at one corner and admire the scenery. But then, once I settled down and plugged in my earpiece, all memories kept flowing in. This is what I've always wanted to do - Having some alone time and relive the past, not to rack them up but to replay the scenes over again and smile. (:

This is the place where I feel most comfortable in and the place where I can be true to my heart. I was about to head home after sitting there for half an hour, but it started to rain, so I stayed even longer.

I started to whip up my phone and re-read messages and I was there, smiling and tearing, just like how a mad woman is. I could easily give in and call a friend to talk to, but I didn't. I realized that this is the hurdle that I have to overcome alone. No doubt, I made the right choice. Sorted out my thoughts and everything became clearer now. Closed my eyes and had a little nap before I head home to rest.

This trip to NP had made it truly important and grateful for me as there's this place where I can be myself - smile, cry, & let it out without having to think about ppl's judgement. To relive moments that were once a happy scene to me. (:

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