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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Post Recital Party at Butterfactory

Before I could even have dinner with my bitches, this friend of mine suddenly said that his ceremony happened on that evening! *fist* Pushed back dinner time & managed to attend it! (:
I've also have to thank DG for sending me and the rest down to PS so that I could make it in time for the dinner!

Bitches were at Just Acia and my meal came first even though I arrived late! Ooops! Nevertheless, we had lots of fun & laughter over the table that night! & here comes Miss Sexy and her bf who were stucked at the LAN shop after going round in circles!

They are my sweetest addiction & forged friendships that will not be forgotten (:
Love you all! <3

Bidded farewell to Hakim & Syah for the night and the rest of us headed over to Butter at One Fullerton. Don't judge me pls cuz this is actually my first time to a club. *I'm a good girl alright* :D

But before that, we reached too early and hopped over to Starbucks for a drink first! Sheren was going to buy us shots for the night and she kept making sure that she will take care of me throughout!

hi Sheren!

hi Janet!


It's about time & we went into the clubbing area. Looked for Tina first cuz she wanted to take grp pictures! Loved how united our grp have become (:  D4L - Dancers for Life!

Sheren & I got bored after awhile and she suggested to hop over to Mink at Pan Pacific to club. She mentioned that it's more classy there & it will be alot more fun! She hadn't send me the picture that we took with a female model there! What I can tell you is that those models are HAWT and GORGEOUS!! Totally not regretting it! But..... I was drunk. Yes, drunk, but not to the extent of puking. Still having that self-control in me, but I still wanted to drink. That night was really crazy, I had like Vodka, Tequila Shots, Margaritas, Champagne & some other that I don't know of! It was really fun.... until it's getting late & I've got to head home. :(

It was a really hyped up and unforgettable experience clubbing with Sheren that night, but I still like it when it was only a drinking place instead of a clubbing place. It's so awkward for me to dance in a club bcuz I dunno how to. *DON'T JUDGE*

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