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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Recent throwbacks for late Sept

Hi everybody!
I'm just gonna update you guys about my recent happenings! (:

26th Sep 2013
Celebrated my brother's birthday at Pizzahut after work! Surprisingly, he said he wanted to treat us! ^_^

Bill came up to less than $60 for this meal. 
I felt that it's kinda pricey because the quantity was not alot, but was sufficient for a family of four.

Mum was suggesting to get brother a cake for a simple celebration at home.

Passionfruit Sponge Logcake from The Icing House (:
It doesn't taste soft and spongy on the outside, but the inner spread tasted really nice!
I guess we bought it rather late at night, so it might have been there on display for the whole day.
Nevertheless, this cake still tastes delicious!
Yum Yum!

To my brother:
You've come a long way.
19 years of wisdom and knowledge will be put to good use & Jie believes that you can overcome every obstacles that came along your way.
You will always have me, just let me know if you need any guidance or listening ear, I'll be there (or maybe watch out for my mood when you come find me :p)
But still, I will be there for the longest time of your life.
Count on me (:
Happy Birthday!

28th Sep 2013
Another wishlist items to be strike off!
Finally saved about enough for one as Fujitsu's died on me few months back!
Say YAY to more blogging and tech-savvy lady here! :D

It's such a beauty and it's affordable! (:
Double win for me! (Y)
Now, I'll have to worry about what color of keyboard protector I should buy!
Purple or pink?

Took this day off to clean up my room too.
Re-arranged my wardrobe and study table, threw away unwanted stuffs and packed some of my notes.
Everything seemed in order and organized now.

I don't really like decorations because I'm lazy to clean them every week.
So, I keep things rather simple.
I will only display things that I will need to use more often.
Other than that, I will pack the rest or arrange them in a way that I wont be able to see dust collecting on them :p
Doesn't seem logical also.

After cleaning up, immediately rushed down to JCube to support my dance homies for their Teenage Semi-Finals.

Good job 4-AERO! You did great laa! Don't worry so much, confirm win de!

Janet & I rushed off to search for food cuz she was famished!
Dying from hunger can kill brain cells de!
She commented " Eat at Taipei quite pricey and quantity is not alot. Shall source for other alternatives next time!"
There's no need me to tell you about the food there! xp

Confide in this dear friend of mine when we're roaming around JCube.
Great talk & great companion.
Just hoped that you won't find me naggy and annoying.
I'll try to control it bahh.
Thank you Janet (:

I did mentioned before that I participated in R! Recital right?
Shall blog about it when I can find good quality photos in my harddisk!
It's gonna be a photo-bomic post yeah!

With love
Jojo (:

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