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Monday, November 18, 2013


Pardon me for not updating this space for about a week? Hah. Kinda having some much downs recently that it's so hard for me to breathe. Apparently, this post is going to be a lengthy and a very emotional one, so just skip this if it hurts your eyes! :x

I'm down with some weird illness today (again). Last week was terrible for me as I finally visited a doctor for my flu & cough. I've definitely recovered from all those but some weird headaches and nauseousness hit me this morning, forcing me to stay at home while having one mountain of cases undone in the office. I'm so gonna work my lungs out tomorrow :(

I've also been preparing for my exams that's happening in a fortnight! I found myself so screwed up for these last exams because the exam tips were messy. I've no idea on which topic I need to focus on and how to approach the questions at all. The lecturers are giving me headaches! (hmmm, probably explains why I'm having REAL headaches right now) I'm done with PM notes and moving on to preparing OB notes on Wednesday. Probably will start memorizing all the noes on next monday then~ This pea-size brain of mine is so gonna be burnt and fried!

On a happier note, XinYing & I had begun to finalize our itinerary for Taiwan trip in Jan 2014! YAY! This is my first time travelling with a friend to one of my favourite foreign country - Taiwan! We've actually changed our plan for the first 2 days in Taiwan cuz we wanted to 放天灯! Gonna write all my wishes on it and hoping it will really come true! If you've followed me on Instagram, I've bought my first luggage from Lot One! Can't wait for the trip already and I'm mad excited about it (:

Okay, now for the main highlights, the chinese wordings that I've make it for the title for this post - 缘来不拒,缘去不留 . Some of you might be curious about it eh? I came across this phrase while browsing through facebook comments on a picture. This phrase means that if fate brings people together, we have no reasons to reject it, but when this fate ended, then don't be stubborn and just let it go. I find it really meaningful for me right now, cuz I've been experiencing alot of downs recently and it really sums it up. It's like, if it's meant to be, it will be; and if it's not meant to be, don't force it.

Okay, to put it in layman term, friends are a vital part in my life. Eversince I broke up, or even when I'm still attached, I still prioritize my friends much more than anything else. I believe friends will be there for you no matter what happened. But, bear this in mind, not all will be the same. Xinying and Sheren taught me some valuable lessons about friends and the society. It's pretty scary when people changes accordingly to their environment. On a side note, I treated you as a good friend and nothing more, so I really do wish that you could stop avoiding and making excuses that you're busy? Owell, you might not even see this, don't you? I should start talking to a door instead. Hah.

Alright, I shall pop some panadol after dinner and rest well for the night! Tomorrow's gonna be very tiring but it will be worthwhile! (: Jiayou everybody and be happy!!! :D

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