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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mini updates from revision breaks

To my fellow friends: Apologies for mia-ness all these while! I know I’ve not been blogging for almost a week and I must say, preparing for exams is way tougher than it seems 6 months ago! This is going to be my last semester and I’ve been slacking and procrastinating for not having the mood to study. You know how I feel right?! It’s the last lap for me already, just that it doesn’t seem encouraging or motivating enough for me to chiong chiong chiong! 

I’ll be having my second paper for tomorrow and with 2 more papers, I’ll be graduating with Private Diploma for HRM! YAY! :D I will still be aiming for my degree certificate but I’m going to enjoy a little bit more before I start school again. Most probably will be enrolling for Murdoch Degree course in May/Aug’14 intake, so by the age of 25, I will be getting my Degree certificate? Hmmm.. it seems old for me to have my degree certificate at the age of 25, but better than don’t have right?! :P

I’ve not been coping well with stress lately and pimples outbreak hit me L Stayed up pretty late at night but couldn’t have any rest at all. All I did was tossing and turning and by 8am, my eyes automatically opened.  Zombiefied max!

Hit up LUSH after my first paper last Wednesday and trying out their Cupcake Face Mask every alternate days. I will do a review after a few tries, and if it really chase my pimples away, I will be more than happy to recommend it all to my friends! :D

Here’s one ootd from Saturday’s family dinner at Manhattan Fish Market and don’t miss me too much okay? ;) You can still follow me on Instagram for instant photo updates!

Till then

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