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Saturday, August 10, 2013

[Self-Review] Rachel K CC Cream

Hi everyone! I finally took some time off to blog in this space. (:
And today, I'm going to share with you on my latest cosmetic buy: Rachel K CC Cream!!

Just to share with you briefly about what CC cream does- Basically, it's a Colour Control Cream where it helps to correct your skintone. Not like BB cream, it doesn't turn into ashy white which will make it look like a ghost wandering around in broad daylight :p However, same goes for CC cream, it is first developed in Korea and widely used in Asia to achieve that natural-looking skin coverage. CC cream's benefits are reputed to include sun protection (UVA/UVB and SPF XX), as well as better coverage, blending and treatment of uneven skintone than BB creams. Some people will find that it is more of a lighter texture and is less oily than BB cream (scream YAY for oily skin users!).
You can also find out more benefits of a CC cream here.

I've saw this product for a couple of times on Watson's shelf, and given by other good reviews from forums and websites, I decided to try it for myself.

Rachel K's CC cream comes in 2 different tubes - Black for Original and Pink for Neutral.

How do you choose your shade?
If you are more towards pinkish tone or have a fairer skin, choose the Original shade (Black Tube).
If you are more towards olive or yellowish tone, choose the Neutral shade (Pink Tube). 
Since I have a yellowish skin tone, I bought the Neutral one.

I'm quite pleased when I first open the product. There was an aluminium foil that was sealed to the tip of the tube so no one could open up the product and try it, which will then contaminate the whole tube (:

The texture of the cream wasn't very watery. It stays smooth on the skin after application and kinda  become powder-like after 3-5 minutes. It's not even sticky at all so you don't have to worry about skin not feeling comfortable on the first layer of your makeup. It doesn't dissolve or melts off after wearing throughout the day too (:

Before blending.

After blending.

Oh, and did I mention, I use it as my moisturizer and foundation too? It looks so natural and keeps your skin smooth, soft and supple-looking! I did not experience any breakouts after using for a week!

AND AMAZINGLY, I can slowly feel that my acne scars are fading away!! 

On Rachel K's website/on the tube itself, it states to gently pat the cream to achieve natural, supple skin right? Follow the instructions girls! Rubbing it on your skin will make it looks cakey/streaky!!

[Before Application]

You can see some pimples around my nose area and 1 red spot around the cheek area.
Please ignore the syringoma around my eye area. Im so gonna remove it after Sept's Recital! >:(

[After Application]
With flash                                                          Without flash

It blends well with my skin, so you can't really see much different in the complexion. But if you take a closer look, the coverage is between sheer to medium. Pimples and red spot are slightly covered but it doesn't really minimize my pores. Although the pictures doesn't show, but I can feel that it brightens my skin and gives that healthy glow. 

It's not oily at all and turns into powder after few minutes. Had been wearing it on for almost a week for work and I've not experienced any breakouts from it. It lasts for about 4-5 hours before traces of shininess appeared on my forehead and nose. And of course, if you want it to last for more than that, you can top it off with loose powder (:

In my opinion, the CC cream works great with combination / oily skin since it does helps to mattify the skin. Overall, it's good if you don't need a lot of coverage and you're looking for a lightweight product that will give your skin a natural, healthy glow.CC creams are good at correcting uneven colours on your skin, so if you're looking for more / heavy coverage, BB creams and foundation will suit you more.

> Lightweight
> Mattifying
> Brighten skins for a healthy glow
> Sun Protection
> Non-sticky

> Sheer to medium coverage
> Lasts for about 4-5 hours only

Would I repurchase?
> Probably yes because it complements me (: Unless, there's a even better CC cream out there to win me over!

Where to buy?
> All Watsons Drugstore! They are now holding a 20% discount off the product! (:

I'm still trying out to perfect my writing skills on reviews, but I'll definitely share more products (if I do come along any good ones) on this space. (:
Have a great weekend everybody!!


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