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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wisdom Tooth Surgery

If you have been following my twitter or instagram, you should have known that I've suffered sore throat and gum pain from last Sunday onwards. I went to several docs, but the meds didn't cure. My gum pain got worst this morning so I went for private dentist because I couldn't take it any longer.

Heard from my friend who did her wisdom tooth surgery from Q&M Dental and fees are payable via Medisave. There's a branch along Bangkit shop houses, so I quickly booked an appointment. I wasn't prepared for the surgery at all. Thought that it's only consultation and surgery at a later date, but no, dentist went on to do the surgery for me! I was injected LA for 3 times and the process of pulling really freak me out.

I screamed and teared but the dentist is really patient with me. Oh ya, forget to introduce his name, he's Mr. Xavier Chua (: He's very chatty and makes me kinda calm down while waiting for LA to take effect. Was prescribed with alot of pills and mouth rinse. Hopefully I can recover fast bah! I still have a performance on this Sat at AMK and I still owe you all review on a makeup product and new affordable pretty clothes! :p

Hehe. Don't mind if I show you all my evil Wisdom tooth?

Couldn't rotate this picture, but you can see that it's 1/3 the size of my pinky finger!
No wonder he used so much force to pull it out!

Had already booked an appointment next Sat to remove the stitches. 
 Face didn't swell that much though. So I think I still can walk on the streets without having ppl giving me the weird stare. (:

I promise to write the review as soon as my swelling goes off. Okay?
& I've to thanks my colleague for covering me this whole week. I've got them worried on Monday, still feeling guilty though :/
I'll be back when I'm feeling better de!

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