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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Self Reflection: When you expect nothing, you always receive a lot.

"No matter how much you receive, if you expected even more, you will be disappointed. No matter how little you receive, if you expected even less, you will be happy."

I guessed I've expected way too much from it. I got whole lot of disappointment when I didn't get that because this is my first time I asked my friends to come for the performance and I was, unseen-able. I don't want to disappoint them.

 I wanted to think of maybe I wasn't putting in much effort or I don't make it look good, but I still got affected by the word "you will be blocked anyway". Am I bringing the item down? Am I not part of the group?

Harsh reality checked. I guessed, it's not my time yet.

Nevertheless, I shan't put myself down any further. I've struggled for 4 months for this production and we've left one more month to make it right. Even if I don't get appreciated, I must still do my best. At least, I don't let myself and my friends down.

I knew it from deep down that dance will make me happy, no matter what.

[photo from Rosannetangrs]

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