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Friday, August 23, 2013

Company's Dinner&Dance

Hi everybody!

This is my first time attending Dinner & Dance in my company and I'm soooo excited about it!!
Went over to Janice's house with the ladies to prep for the night!

Thanks to Janice's mummy for helping us to take these shots! (:

Rushed down to Re! Hotel 'cause we're late! :p
By the time we reached there, the hall has already been 90% filled!

Food wasn't served first, instead, it was the dance performance brought to us by our Directors' group awed me.
They were such great dancers and got the whole crowd going!

Menu browsing!

I actually lost count of the dishes that I had and eventually, stopped taking pictures for the food.
The food was really yummy, especially the roasted chicken! Sedappp!

 Having a fun time with my lovely kakis!

Indo Linda so pretty too!

This is Jan Jan. She's obsessed with KPOP!

Lovely Carol (:

Wayne so AH-GO-GO!!

He's the KJ guy! Knew him through orientation! (:

Sherry with rabbit ears! So cuteee!

Ah Beng but not so Ah Beng?

He's my office Papa!

Our Appointment Team! (:

Wanna know the story behind this?
I was happily eating the roasted chicken and the emcee stood behind me. I was being asked to go on stage!
He was going to ask 3 ladies (inclu. me) & 3 guys to do Catwalk!
Didn't win the contest but I really had so much fun!
My first time to catwalk (not so prof) infront the Directors and colleagues!
*cheeks blushed*

After the party, some of us went on and chilled at Life of Liquor (LOL) near Princep Street.
It's a great place to hangout with friends on friday nights.
They've karaoke system for us but we were only limited to 2 songs per table and had to wait for quite some time before the next 2 songs reached us.
Beer was priced reasonably too.
We ordered 3 towers and bill came up to $37 per person.
This was our abit-seh-face after drinking for more than 3 cups?

I'm glad that I went for D&D and chill-out with kakis (:
Didn't expect myself to enjoy so much throughout the night!
Can't wait for another nights out with these lovely colleagues!

Till then

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