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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

People always say..

Ever wonder if you're a victim of judgement? Meaning in between words couldn't be get across to the other party? Or do they really understand what you're trying to project?

People always say that it is because of that something fresh that caught your attention, making you wanted to know about a person. However, it's not the freshness, it's kind of this person's qualification/job/lifestyle is exactly what I admire and hope to work towards for.

People always say that guy should be the one approaching the lady and not vice versa. And if the guy is either not sensitive/not interested, then should the lady con't to wait her turn to come?

People always say that girls that are attached should solely stick to their partner and not mingle with other guys. Isn't this cutting her out of the social norm or restricting her to know others who might bring the positivity out of her?

People always say gentleman don't reject ladies. Truth is, a true gentleman will reject the lady without hesitation if he truly think for the lady. Worse scenarios came more often when problems was dragged from the first day it surfaced.

People always say that what matter most is your happiness and not theirs. But I believe that, if people around me are happy, then, I am already in happy-land.

People always say this, people always say that. So, which one is the correct advice?
People will always judge you no matter what decision you make.
Just make a good one and let others judge your happiness.
You own the path you choose.

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