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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Birthday to Mummy Love!


This year's celebration was quite impromptu as I've got Dominos "Free One Reg Pizza", so why not let's have a mini birthday celebration for mum?! (: Gotten from my colleague the other time cuz Dominos were delivered late and they gave out plenty of them. (My orders arrived late too, so I guessed it's kinda Marketing Tactic to psycho customers to keep buying their pizzas?) Fat Die me man, so I decided to give away the voucher to Adrian. Oh ya, speaking of Adrian, this year, he was part of the celebration too! Must really thank him cuz he helped to pay alot of stuff (& I have to return back some when I got my pay -.-||| ) & my mum "kio tio" (zhuan dao = earned?) a Bird Nest drink (not those cheapo kind one) for her present! :D Thanks dear for the thought, she's really thankful for it!

So sorry that there're no pictures of Dominos Pizzas & some other stuff cuz we were busy gobbling down food to fill our empty stomach! BBQ Chicken is really good as compared to the Hawaiian Pizza! Will totally recommend that to everyone! The Chicken Crunchies and Breadsticks were equally good too! (:

Did I mention that we bought a cake for her? Since she prefer Fruits Cake, so tada!!!


The cake is really soft and fluffly in the inside and the almond shavings are damn good! Cake is from Swee Heng btw (: Everyone was so stuffed after having 3-4 pieces of pizzas and the side orders. Rubbing tummy-licious good! :D

Adrian & I went on to buy our Groupon deal for GENTING TRIP!!! Wanted to go down to WTS@BPP to book the dates, but no one picked up my call, so have to trouble Adrian to come down on Thursday to book le. But, I'm mad excited for the trip already! Although, it's not the Taiwan trip that we initially planned, we're still considered going overseas right? :D Planned to go around end Apr, so please please let the dates be available! *Pray Pray*

Ending note for this post - Happy Birthday Mummy! Thanks for being there when I needed you financially (right after your nagging and my complaining, you will still finance me abit) & mentally (like didn't object what I do, though you did complain alot laa). Anyway, you'll still be my pretty (& getting chubby) mummy! Will help you to celebrate more birthdays in the future! Must "chang ming bai sui" (live long long)! <3

PS: Do help to click on Nuffnang Adverts! (I will try to blog more when I have more programs/events or any restaurants that I will frequent during my free time!) Till then.xoxo

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