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Friday, April 12, 2013

Live with choices.

Life is full of choices – whether you make the choices yourself or the society induced you into thinking differently as compared to your peers, you still live with choices. Choices are there to make you learn about your life, make you think about what you want.

Who loves making choices, when everything could be planned for you right from birth and till you’re dead? Like, from birth, parents could have placed your meal in your bowl so that you don’t get to choose what you do/don’t eat, so it’s kinda like you’re forced to finish the meal or (in the past), parents decide on your marriage since you’re a child and you don’t know if your other half is pretty/handsome or not, you just have to follow the plan. Does these make you feel suffocated/restricted? I’m getting kinda too extreme (negative) towards life man, too off tracked! :p

So, what I was trying to say that, if you have the determination to do something (e.g lose weight / eat healthy / keep fit / be thrifty), you need to make choices and be disciplined about it. People will definitely judge you and asked alot of ‘whys’, but they aren’t you. You are the one who is gonna benefit from your choice (provided you made the right one) and you live your life. But of course, don’t restrict/induce your peers into liking what you do and wanted them to follow you also la. That one will be abit harsh on them!

For my case, I want to have nice body (nice body = 2 years ago when I’m having intense dance trainings) and be healthy, so I decided to go on a low- carbo diet and have lesser fried food and bubble tea (I can’t seem to quit that – everyday cravings!) I have very packed schedules for every week, so I don’t have much time to exercise, so this is how I strike a balance in my life. Yes, striking balance is what I want to deliver to all of you too. 2 years ago, I can have full carbo meals and supper after every dance lesson cuz I worked it all out every 3 days per week. And since I don’t exercise as much, I should cut down supper and go for low carbo. I restricted my cravings for fried food and opt for healthier choice – this is to improve my skin complexion also. It will be difficult at first, but you hanged on long enough, your cravings will all be gone.

I made my life healthier and easier – easier as in, I’m not very worried if I will get very serious illness when I’m old. 先苦后甜 , let it be difficult first, cuz in the end, you will yield good/satisfied results. Be disciplined. (:


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