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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ah Yat Dim Sum Buffet via Groupon

Annyeong! :D

Gonna share with you all on my Dim Sum experience with Ah Yat!
Adrian bought this groupon long time ago & he said, "Why not have our tummies filled on Good Friday with good food?"

There're two outlets for Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant - Along Jurong Bird Park & Kranji Turf City.
Shall share with you the address at the end of this post (:

[All pictures taken from Canon IXUS 220 HS]

If you happen to miss Groupon deals, you can also have Lunch Dim Sum at 40% off, daily!

Interior of the restaurant: Not very modern looking, but it's definitely a place for families to have weekly/monthly dinner gathering!

There's also this BIG fish tank in the restaurant itself! Poor animals, they're waiting to be killed :(

There'e this green and white slip of paper for us to order our dimsum. Choices are limited (might be due to the cheap deal on Groupon), but the dim sum essentials are definitely included in the 'menu".

Here comes some camwhoring session while waiting for our food to be served!

Adrian was being playful that day! He kept closing his eyes while taking pictures with me!

Our orders are here!

First round of buffet!
from left [clockwise]: Shrimp balls, Banana & Red Bean Paste, Egg Tarts, Water Dumplings.

from left [clockwise]: shrimp dumpling (har gau), siew mai with fish roe, char siew pau, chee cheong fun.

from left [clockwise]: glutinous rice, porridge, prawn popiah, can't remember the last one.

Second Round!
These are the leftovers for round 2! Can't fill our stomach anymore! I have to agree that age is catching up and I'm not a big eater 2-3 years ago!

This is our gan kor "xin ku" face! We're stuffed to the max already!

We then started to play/hide the food that we can't finish! xp
Saw the carrot cake under the aluminium foil? Actually the aunty saw that piece when she cleared the dishes, but we act blur la~ HAH!

Food Verdict: 
What I recommend - Siew Mai with Roe, Shrimp Balls.
What I don't recommend at all - The rest of it.
Seriously, the standard of the dim sum really isn't good. It tasted 'ge-lat' after the first few dishes and Adrian thought that all the dishes have same taste. We have a pot of refillable tea, so it's still not that bad.

Value on Money:
Mind you, besides the price you paid on Groupon, you need to pay another ~$3 for their wet tissues and tea. So, don't say I didn't remind you ah~ We felt that this buffet isn't worth the money at all, cuz we can get more delicious food at this price also.

Anyway, don't take my word too heavily or with too much judgmental view, it's up to you if you want to try it on your own (: Maybe you're happy with the taste of their dishes!

Address are as of below:

200 Turf Club Rd

Tel: 6883 2112

51 Mohamed Sultan Rd

Tel: 6235 8779

Last of all, here's to share my OOTD to Bugis:
(Pardon the toilet bowls behind)
Wore my new glasses out too!

Specs - Marc by Marc Jacobs (Queensway)
Dress - CHERIE (Bugis Street Lvl 2)
Leggins & Necklace & Bracelet - Bugis Street Lvl 1
Bag - Bugis Street Lvl 2

Have a great weekend folks! (:

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