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Sunday, February 17, 2013

V-Day Specials ♥


Opening photo for this post will be my darling, Adrian! (:
Cheeky boy right?
He was holding on to my phone cuz he's addicted to Battle Cats!
Irritating max!

Took this shot using my S2's camera.

Dear lied to me that there will be a delivery for me on that morning, so I waited for quite some & dare not put on any makeup!
Scared when the delivery man came, my half-makeup face will frightened him!
& in the end leh, he was the delivery man!!
Brought me this stalk of rose and a hand-written letter <3

You still remember I wrote quite a number of letters to you in the past (:
I love you dear! 


Spent this Valentine's day at Plaza Singapura (:
This is our 3rd V-Day already!
Time passes too fast already...

Headed to GV to watch "The Wedding Diary II".
It's a sequel & the story really touches me.
Nearly cried at some of the scenes but I told myself that I have makeup on so I DIE DIE cannot cry!!

Walked around the newly renovated PS & found a resting place for our feet!
This place is located at the top level of the newly extended PS (forgot which level it is already!)


As you can see, it's like a mini garden!
There're potted plants and a background decorated with "P.S I ♥ U"

Whipped out my camera & started to camwhore! :D


Eyes big big!!!

Playing Battle Cats again!!!

Toy Camera effect (:

Fish eye effect!
Didn't let him know that I used this filter!
I purposely make my face smaller! XP

One of his act cute face ♥.♥

The background not bad right?
All thanks to the passerby couple who helped to take this shot!

After which, we headed to Far East Plaza to have our dinner.
Pontian Wanton Noodles, here we come!
Wasn't really hungry cuz I literally stuffed my with lots of popcorn earlier on!

& we made a pact that day:
for adrian, he promised to have one serving of BubbleTea per week
as for me, my maximum intake is twice per week
I LOVE BUBBLETEA, so I can't challenge myself to have only one cup per week!

Before I forget, this is my OOTD for that day (:
Asked my brother to take the shot for me!

Dress from Forever 21
Belt from Bugis Street
Necklace from SK Jewellery

Also to share with all of you, I did manicure on my own!
My first ever creativity on my nails!

Accomplished one of my resolutions - found myself a job!!! :D
Have you accomplish any of yours yet?

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