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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CNY Day 1 & 2

Does everyone enjoy this long weekend?
Not to mention about all the singles having the perks of collecting angbaos from seniors and relatives right?!
Soooo happy & lucky to be single/unmarried! XP

Anyway, my CNY visiting ends on Day 2, cause I don't have alot of relatives to visit!
Not alot of angbaos to collect but it's good cuz I don't have to converse with the relatives. Heheheh!

Day 1: Went to Mu Ma's house for visit.
Woke up early to have a shower and did makeup! :D

Decked in Eternity Loft's Suzy Crochet Lace Dress in Deep Plum (:
with Charles & Keith heels and handbag from Bugis Street

One selca of the day! :D

Went around Marina Square & Suntec City to find shoe shop cause my mum's pumps pi jiak (open mouth) already! Luckily Payless in Suntec is opened on that day, if not she would have to walk in bare feet already!

Back home rather early after having early dinner at LJS.
Their new dish of  Curry Fish Rice is really good!
Just that, it doesn't have any vegetables as sides, if not it would have been better!

Some more selcas before showering!




Okay! Gotta turn in and get ready for Day 2!
Love Day 2 especially cause I'm closer to the relatives from my mum's side!

Day 2: Grandma house (Same blk!)

I woke up super late that day, so I kinda dragged everyone's time! :p
Went for quick shower and did a super fast makeup!

Waited for quite long before Adrian came!
Grandma stuffed him with lotsa steamboat goodies!!
Can't help him cuz I might get stuffed too! XP

Took some photos with family before proceeding to his grandma's house to bai nian (:

My lovely grandma with her pretty top! :D

Good lighting in the room!

This is my family members (:
Full house!!

Gonna rush to his grandma house cuz there's lion dance at around 5 pm!
Cabbed down & we actually saw the liondance troupe at the void deck!


Picture took from Adrian's cousin's facebook wall.

Everyone was peeking at the lucky numbers & true enough, some of them won!
I don't believe in Toto and 4D, so didn't get to buy it!

Collected quite a number of angbaos from his grandma's side and had a chance to lao yusheng!
After that, we all went into one of the rooms and played Blackjack!
All of them are quite superstitious cuz they wanna get the some lucky colours on them in order to win the game!
I'm a "Goat" & my lucky colour is Green / Yellow, but I wore a bright Red dress which is also my unlucky colour! Boooooo!
I'm still lucky enough la, cuz I no lose no gain (:

Adrian wanted me to cab back to my grandma house & he's footing for the bill!
Wo zhuan dao leh!

Anyway, headed back to continue having my steamboat!
I'm very very very pleased with the ingredients cuz there's alot of seafood and my favourite Pacific Clams! :D
I had too much chilli for that night & my stomach couldn't take it when I got home ):
Hate my stomach leh!! Super weak de sia!

Oh ya! Almost forgot to take my OOTD for that day & immediately asked Eric (lil brother) for help!

Makeup almost gone already~~~

This dress was given by my ex-colleagues as X'mas Present.
The colour is very bright and suits me well :D

Another shot where I went on swivels! (:
Eric says he should have turn down the shutter speed to capture the dress well..
But, oh well, it's still nice isn't it?

Oh! & I'm thankful for my friends who liked my instgram pictures when I upload my OOTD of the day (:
Hope everyone was happy during their new year visiting & collect more angbaos okay!!!!!
Enjoy the delicacies but most of all, drink more water to hydrate! :D

Don't forget to click on my nuffnang ads too! :D
*Wink Wink!!

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