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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Last Dinner of the year with DC & Xinying!

Sawubona everybody!

Now you know how to greet people in Zulu !!!!

I was very eager & hyped up about meeting my beloved ones for a gathering before the year ends! 
Kinda asked everyone for a meal for this week! Managed to gather my DC family & beloved XinYing for dinner! :D

I was super duper clumsy + excited that I did not take any shots with my DC family :(
Brought out the camera and brought back home without any photos! Boooooo!

Anyway, like what Don said - It's the companions that matters. <3

We had our dinner over at Soup Spoon & talked about Bun Heads, which I personally feel that Don's script was much funnier than the real drama! & if you're curious about what Bun Heads is about, you can click here. It's a show about ballerinas, but wait, it's not that kind of BORING ARTS DRAMA. It's the real deal here! Fun, Entertaining and Inspirational! :D

Strolled over to Suntec's Arcade, played Bishi Bashi, Basketball game & "giap" toys game! I wasn't very interested in the Basketball game cuz I was never a good shooter, so I kinda nua aside and when Don was trying to catch one of the toys, Shayne darling wanted one, so I thought we should get something for her! But turns out, they're planning to give me a SURPRISE! AWWWWwwwwww! <3


Was in a shocked and suprised plus touched mode when I carried "Fruffy" around the mall! -Yes, Don named it Fruffy :D

Say hi to Fruffy everybody!
From left to right: Fruffy, Baby and Teddy


So, the following night, I met up with XinYing at Star Vista! We were supposed to have Itacho for dinner but the queue is damn long & we're both hungry so we came across this Wa Shabu Shabu Restaurant and opted for a Hotpot Buffet instead!

Back track abit:
Woke up this morning feeling very positive about having a healthy lifestyle, so instead of doing the normal exercises like swimming or running, I did a Fusion of Skipping Rope, Freestyle Dancing, Weights Lifting, Jumping Jacks for an hour!

So, you see, do I deserve a good meal after the crazy morning workout? YES.(self-deceiving, but me like :p) 

Alright! Come back to the main hightlight - HOTPOT BUFFET!!!

There're not much people there at first, so we were lucky not having to wait/queue for our food. 


level 2
1 Vista Exchange Green
Singapore 138617

The shop is quite squeezy and the food selection is way too little! I'm usually not picky, but for this place, they offered us a choice of free flow of food, so imo, they should provide more choices for their customers!


Limited choices of vegetables! Literally, there's only this three types!


The food that we took are half of the choices that they had! But I'm quite amazed that they offered Cheesy Hotdog instead of normal Hotdog for hotpot!


Soup Base is Seaweed Soup (no additional charge) & Kimchi Soup (additional $6.50).
The Kimchi Soup is really daebak (good) ! We were praising non-stop for the soup!! A really must-try! :D


We ordered a buffet set with pork and chicken. These are all free flow too! 
Sorry as there's no picture of the Shabu Shabu, but it's the same kind like the one I had at Xiao Long Bao @ Crystal Jade (Holland V). No porky smell and it actually tasted nicer than Crystal Jade's!


Ah Ying hid her dark circles! Don't shy la~~

There'll be a wastage charge if we didn't finish our food, so...... we stuffed quite alot of stuff into our stomach!
Tummy gonna be angry tmr morning :(

But, you see..... the night is still young right? & girls always save up one portion of our stomach for something else!!!!!!! 

Black Ball Desserts! 
blogged it here if you wanna see my review and the pictures of the yummy desserts!

We stayed there for an hour, gossiped much and talked about lots of funny things!

*shook head* Ah Ying still wanna cover up her dark circles.

I simply love to hangout with people that will lift my spirits up and helped each other to stay positive & happy throughout! :D

This year's last 2 dinners was really a good one & I appreciate for my loves who took their time out & get together. It's always the connection & communication among us that will touches my heart. The companions play a major part. Without you guys, I have so few to lean on & pour my hearts out. & I sincerely hoped that, feelings shared and given will be reciprocated. (:

Today's a BIG BIG Reunion with family members! No steamboat this year, but mum's gonna cook all our favourite dishes :D

Side note:
Remember to stay up late for parents during eve of CNY! This is a myth that I heard from my relatives that us, as children, in order for our parents to live a long life, we need to stay awake as long as possible during the night of CNY eve! In Chinese, they called it "Shou Sui" - to guard sleep for parent's long healthy life :D

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