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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Short Updates (:

I felt so sorry for not updating for a few days!
Anyway, this is a very short update on what I've been up to lately.

Ever since, my last paper (for Sem 1) on 22nd Feb, I've been telling myself to plan my time well before starting work in around 1.5 weeks time? Yeah, and till now, I'm still happy with what I've been doing.
Meeting up friends, doing exercises and watching Running Man to fill up my time.

But, I'm just worried that my bank will go ZERO before I get my first pay! That's very scary though!
Trying to be home for dinner every now & then to save up more for dance also! Oh ya! I've signed up for Jitterbugs Recital with Geraldine too! I'm mad excited for it!!! Finally, I can get to dance without paying much for the classes! :p Actually, I wanted to head down to R! for Tina's class today, but got the news that she had neck problems so, I kinda skipped it.

I will be starting work on 6th March 2013 at Tanjong Pagar district, so if anyone's nearby can ask me out for lunch? I'll be happy to eat with you! :D

Talking about work, how can I be like those bloggers, just blog and earn money? Nuffnang's adverts are quite a restriction to earn money through blogging.... How do they get sponsors and advertorial-based job? Do I really need to be very pretty to do so? Argh, if so, I think I wont be able to make money through blogging already~

 It's so great to see that they're having sponsors for beauty & makeup products, hair treatment and travel sponsors!!! Maybe it's the effort and the frequency of blog writing that counts? Hmmmm... then I'll have to start doing something already! (:

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