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Friday, March 1, 2013

Eternity Loft's Clearance Sale!

Weeks ago, Eternity Loft was announcing their Clearance Sales where their items could be as low as $10 each! After contacting the seller about some inquiries today, she told me that most of their items are running low, so do act fast if you're interested in their Sales items! :D


I bought a dress, a biker shorts and a blazer from them! Those in original price will easily cost me more than $50 but I only got it for $38! :D Re-watched Budget Barbie & remembered QiuQiu mentioned "Why spend so much when you can get it at a cheaper price over a period of time?" Good say! :p

Previously, I bought a black dress for office wear & the material is fab!! I don't have pictures of me wearing the dress but this is what it looks like on Zoe!

Celine Contrast Collar Dress
Nice right?

& one more from Eternity Loft too! The dress that I wore on CNY Day 1:

Suzy Crochet Lace Dress 


I know it might look better on Zoe but it's still good on me right? :p

Alright, now gonna share with you all what I bought!
Didn't manage to snap with the biker shorts, but I'm sure you will see it if you dropby Eternity Loft! (:
It's available in two colors, black & army-green. I got myself the army-green one!

With the help of my brother, he managed to shoot some average photos of me. Cause I can't say it's good as I'm not really pretty in the first place!

First up,Keira High Collar Dress!

Me & my fat face!!

Size: Free Size
The material is fabulous & it's not sheer at all!
Great for office wear! (:

& the blazer that I bought:

Size: S (The armhole was a little tight, regretted not getting the M size)

Can't really see the details on the collar!
It's actually topped with black lace & very pretty too!
This blazer is also available in Peach Pink!

Some more shoots taken by brother! Just for fun!


How about me wearing specs? I was thinking if I should start wearing specs to work, cuz wearing contact lens will strain my eyes. But, how to do makeup if I were to wear specs? Hmmmm...

One last photo to end this post!
Cherrrryy! :D
(Please don't puke, I know I'm not that pretty. This photo is for gag purpose!)


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