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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Great Companion indeed!

I was left with a few days left to the start of my working life tomorrow. Time kinda runs out when you're enjoying it very much! :D

Tomorrow I'm gonna wake up as early as 6am to wash up, dress up & make up! OMG!! Getting a tinge of nervousness & uncertainty? Hmmmm.. maybe I've not been working for the past month, & it felt scary to communicate to the people out there bah. You might not know if they're really sincere in making friends with you or just using you for some ulterior motives... Haiz, human beings are so unpredictable & scary! *Procrastinating* :p

From last week till now, my time was considered well spent. Putting in the fact that, I met up with Adrian for movie date during weekends, caught "Jack, The Giant Slayer" & it was great! The giants were made very real & disgusting too! LOL~
Also, we made a pact not to go to JCube until it's his birthday cuz we're supposed to have our movie at Marina Square & we got lazy after visiting his granny! :P


And of course, I got to spend my remaining days with BFF!
It's great to go shopping with BFF as we can check out each other's style & give opinions on our buys! :D
You can never have honest & serious opinions if going out with boyfriend for shopping. They will either play games or just say "it looks fine on you".

I was supposed to be the one to buy clothes for work, but in the end, hah, oh well....., BFF got to spend almost $80 on her buys! :P
& it's such a pity that I can't wear the bralet that I bought that day! :(
It's not elastic that's why it's too loose on my upper torso area!
Anyway, loots for that day will be a Black Skater Dress & a Colour Block Work Dress for $25 in total!
The shop is named "CHERIE" & it's located on the 2nd floor, around the Crepes Stall.
It's definitely worth it to check out the clothes in there!

After 8 hours of  shopping, we finally rested at Taipei Station in Bugis Plus!
Zhen said that the meat wasn't well marinated so, it's like tasting powder & the chicken separately..
But I like their "Tian bu La" (direct translate = Sweet but not Spicy)!
Its texture is like "Nian Gao", very chewy, with the powder, it's good! :D

The menu are displayed below for your convenience:

Prices for the food are quite affordable & it'll be a good place to chill-out! 
Do dropby if you're nearby! (;

Companionship doesn't just end here!
She came over to my house yesterday to accompany me! Hurhurhurx! She should be doing her assignments lah, but in the end, we kept gossiping & looking for nice clothings on!
It felt really really good to stay near each other so we can visit each other if we have time.
Although this is a privilege to us, we seldom visit each other cuz of our commitments......
& that's why I said that it felt great to catch up with each other!! :D

Met up this morning to have breakfast too!
We were both craving for KFC Pancake Set so we decided to meet up before she's off for her project meeting. 
As for me, I wanted to cook Pasta in Tomato Sauce for lunch today, so we went NTUC for groceries shopping! :D
Lunch was yummy cuz I get to taste my own dish, but talking about food now, kinda makes me hungry....
Another serving of pasta, anyone?


till then

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