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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Vvrrroooomm to F1 !

My apologies for not blogging lately, reason being, I'm mugging, dancing & taking a break from everything (:
It's kinda stress to work and study at the same time, but I will still hang on yeah?
Attended Shunzhen's 21st on 28th Sept and had a blast!!! :D
She put A LOT of effort in her birthday bash, simply making me feel so guilty for not preparing well for mine :p

Once again, happy 21st to you, girlfriend aka sister! <3

Alright, as the title goes, Dear brought me to F1 again! Had been attending F1 events for the past 2 years and all thanks to his uncle, we've got free Premier Walkabout Tickets with unlimited Singapore Flyer rides! :D

All photos are overdue, so pardon me for not reminding much of what we've done during F1 (:

I've totally forgot what is the name of the resturant, but the food is really nice!

dear's meal: Omu Rice with Karage

Chocolate Banana pie! 
It's dark chocolate somemore! :D

Afterwards, strolled to F1 after having dinner at Raffles City~

Look at the race car!!
Saw the piggy ones on the right? So cuteeee!

Shot this while walking our way up to Singapore Flyer!

Picture is blurred bcuz of the dim lighting inside.....

Riding on the Singapore Flyer at night is totally different when riding in the broad daylight.
At night is really less scary!
You'll get what I mean laa!
I don't even dare to walk around when we're riding during the day!

*Dear admiring the scenery*

Went on down to capture the moment with the racing cars!
Couldn't catch the cars at all ):

Took a lot of shots for dear with racing cars at the back, but all failed! XP

Anyway, on the 2nd night, though we've got fanzone tickets, but the fanzone area is too packed, so the security wouldn't let anyone in anymore!
It's very disappointing, cuz the concert was on Maroon 5 that night! D:
But, music was great, their live concert is exactly the same when I heard it on the radio!
Vocal is very goooood!

We've learnt our lesson last night, so on the 3rd day of F1, we decided to meet early after my work!

But first, we need to have food to fill our stomach ((:
Went over to Suntec City and chanced upon Carrefour!
Dear wanted to go in and buy their stuffs cuz all stocks are going at 50% discount!
I think he got the information too late as almost 85% of the supermarket is empty!!!!!

So he only got himself Dextro's Candy :((

Security guard chased us away when we wanted to take a full-length picture with Carrefour for souvenir sake! 

So, we walked for some distance and snapped with the logo!!!!
Neh neh ni bu bu !!! :p

Strolled to F1 at a walkable distance from Suntec City (:

Snap snap outside the checking point! :D

Snapped again! :))

Going for our 2nd ride in Singapore Flyer (in broad daylight :( )

*Scary monster!*

These are soooo cute! Hehehhe! XP

*We're the champion!!*

Okay, we're inside the Flyer already & all pictures inside are taken by dear.

This is the seat that I stick my butt to for the whole ride :(

*Getting higher*

Me so fatso & scared! :((

Beautiful scenery on the top laa, but I too scared to move.....

Headed over to the foodcourt just below the Flyer and had this Ice Ball for desert!
Ingredients inside is not enough leis, should have bought the original ice kachang cuz got more fillings!

Wasn't very interested in the F1 race results cuz my main point for attending is not becuz of the drivers, but KATY PERRY!

 Spamming pictures of KP! 
All shots are taken by dear, cuz I'm s.h.o.r.t.

Singing to the song, Peacock!

This part totally stunned me!
She kissed the guy!!!!!
& in return, the guy got to kiss her back!
KP is super daring sia!!

Concert ended with fire and strips of colourful paper at the back and KP saying thankyou & disappear from the stage!

The atmosphere is soooo high luhh!!
After concert, supposingly we're to have supper but both of us were drained, so off we go to Home Sweet Home! <3

As I've mentioned above, I'll be quite inactive for a couple of weeks cuz I'm preparing for 30% test on 22 Oct & it's Accounting ):
I totally have no idea on how to answer the questions, so I've to work very very very hard le ):
Stressed and cried to slp so often :'(
Sooner or later, I'll be having depression if this continues to carry on..

I've so much to rant about, but I try to make this blog a healthy one alright?
Need to learn to relax more, as tensing up will make me look older!!!!!!!!

Okay laa, I need to study already~
Bye bye everyone, till we read again (:

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