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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lady's working while Honey's cookin'

I am really proud to have him to be my cook of the day!
After OT on a Saturday, I dropped by dear's house for a visit, & he prepared pancakes with grapes and maple syrup for me! :D

I remembered I keep spamming on maple syrup & dear thought I was going to die of diabetic because of overdosing! xp

Anw, I went back to work on a Sunday (yups, hate it, but no choice, i'm Miss Overloaded xp), & met dear at JP afterwards. ((:

Just a big bear hug from him could erase all the tiredness for the day! 

Watched TED and had Lao Huo Tang (direct translate: Old Fire Soup)!
Yummy much but dear gobbled down the food too fast so I didn't have the time to snap a shot of it!
It's located at the top floor, over at the new JP (which I think is JP2), & it's like a mega foodcourt where there's Ajisen, Pepperlunch & etc in it!
It's just beside Sour Sally laa, go & find it! XP

Okay Okay Okay....
Time for something exciting!!!! (at least I feel excited about it laa)
I've got myself a new watch!
Not from Bugis Street, 1 for $10 kind, but.....
It's from CASIO!!!!

My taste not bad de!!
Looked expensive la, & good watch don't run out of battery or spoil easily!

I've another GOOD/BAD news to share with all of you too!
I'm going to have night classes, starting on 17 Sep!
Although it's abit stupid laa, but I'm retaking Diploma in HR and Business at SHRI Academy (Singapore Human Resource Institute) for a period of 16 months!
I've decided to do a switch in career, from teaching to being an OL in the future.
Though I love to teach, but I've been waiting for a year for an admission in NIE, so I've to let it go. :/
I'll have a cramped up timetable of having night classes 3x per week & on top of that, I've got a job in the day.
Yes, it's going to be tough, but life's ain't tough if you weren't living right?

Now I'm quite positive about it laa, but dunno what will happen to me when the class officially starts!
For my dearies who wanna meet me, please meetup soon cuz I don't think I will have time for anybody else except for my bed! (:

Time to sign off now! 
Gonna do OverTime tmr le!
Jiayou Josie, Ni Xing De!
Gamebateh! :D

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