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Friday, September 7, 2012

21st Birthday Part III: Virgin Visit to USS with Adrian!

Before I start off with my visit to USS, I would like to thanks dear for sponsoring 2 dresses from F21 for me:

He really spent a bomb on me (:

Thanks dear for the things you did for me on my birthday, it's been a great birthday celebration since young.


Okay, now for the USS visit experience!!!!!
Dear planned for this USS visit a month ago, and I'm very excited to go cuz IT'S MY FIRST TIME THERE!
I heard that it's really like a fairytale there! Got lots of cartoon characters and rides, and movie thrills!!!!!
I want to see KungFu Panda, Shrek and Bumble beeeee!!
Too bad it's not disneyland, cuz I would really want to see a princess ((:

Hehe. Alright, firstly we went to the Malaysian Penang Foodcourt before the entrance of USS, and dear's friend recommend Chicken Rice Balls for lunch! :DD

The stall that sells Chicken Rice Balls! (:

Saw there's a long queue at Penang Fried Kuay Tiao Stall, so we wanna give it a try!
Me so fatso! XP

A lil description of the Char Koay Teow!

He's ready! ((:

Tada!! So much food on our table!

Vendor asked if I wanted Chicken Breast or Drumstick.
Ya'll knew which I choose right?

5 balls for $1.50!
It's very Q and dipped it with the chilli sauce is just so heavenly goooood!!

Ordered fried prawn fritters, tou gan and lor bah!
Don't quite like the sauce, cuz it's too sweet!
Prefer the normal kopitiam's sauce! (:

Superb Char Kuay Teow!!!
Really very nice!
They replaced cockles with prawns and it's not fried in those dark sauce!
The taste is very special & you probably won't taste it in any foodcourt or kopitiams!

Afterwards, we went to the tourist photo spot - USS globe!


& now it's the moment......... WE'RE GOING IN!!!!!

Thanks Dear for the tickets!

Looked who greeted us when we first entered USS?
Marilyn Monroe!!!

Lao Kor Kor Police Car!

I saw my TUMMY! GOSH! D:

You should not skip this blog cuz of my TUMMY!
Bleh! XP

Me again! 

Battlestar Galactica, you won't earn my ride at all.
I don't trust you.

Awww... my Farfaraway Kingdom...

But first, we're going give TRANSFORMERS a visit!

Favourite BumbleBeeeee!

While queuing for the rides inside the Transformer's Base!

It's a lil disappointing cause there's technical fault at that moment, so we can't ride it :((

So we went out to ride on this yellow spinning ride.

Yellow rides are so-so only.
It's kinda like the spinning cup in the funfair liddat!
No cake!


If only my favourite actor - Brendan Fraser is standing beside me.....

Hahah! Dear acting though only!

I attempted the Mummy Rides!
Okay, here's how the story goes...
Dear told me that he's okay with this ride cuz he rode it before and he said that it's not scary at all.
So I bought his story and went for the first time.
I freaked out!!!!
It was very scary lor!!
But the thing is that, I went for the second ride. XP
I got like bruises on my back for the ride.
Well done Josie, you attempted mini in-the-dark roller coasters for two times!!
*Claps Claps*

Da Dum~ Da Dum~ Da Da Da Dum Dum Dum~
This is the official melody when you're watching Jurassic Park!
Love the movies - especially when I support their movies from Part I to the end!!

Actually wanted to show off to my lil bro - he's a mad lover for Dinosaurs!

Saw the tracks? 
I dare not take the Canopy Rides, cause I'm scared of heights & the speed is quite fast!!
Dear was persuading me until he saw that my mood was changing, then he stopped.

We're in a dinosaur egg!

Dear was asking for this pose & he was jumping up and down like a child XP

*trying to pull off the teeth*

Saw this??!
It's Far Far Away Kingdom!!!!
All my favourite characters are inside!

The sun was too bright already, & I tried my best to open my eyes!

Shrek 4-D is greatttt!
Don't think of it as a child's movie or something, you can really feel that you're riding horses, insects crawling on your feet and bogus on your face!
Sounds disgusting enough?

My eyes are open alright!!!!
Just that it's too small for you to realise!

Next up: Madagascar!!!
*I like to move it*

New favourite snack: The Churros!
It's chewy, sweet & it tasted like cinammon :D

My cravings for the day: Noodle Dog!
Crispy Noodle wrapped around Giant HotDog!
*Thumbs up!!*

Waiting for queue at Steven Spielberg's production site!
Can see how movies were actually directed!

Hmmm... I don't see Rockafellas... :/
So I Bai Pose here! XP

Out from Transformer Ride & I LOVE IT!!!! <3


Saw this outside Transformer's Foodcourt, $7 for 2 Large Sized Cup of KFC Coleslaw!
Not very nice though, still miss Minimelts....
I could still remember BPP selling Minimetls in a vending machine for $2/cup!
Very nice and worth it!
Esp love the Bubblegum and Mint Flavour!

We were told to stay off the streets as they will be having a USS fiesta on that evening!

Dear: " Has it started? Im sleepy~ "


Okay, Fiesta start lor!
See pictures ahhh!!

Dracula lady!
Looks like Lady Gaga! :D

Can you spot JJ? (:

Fairygod Mother, please make my wish come true (:

Eric, saw it? Your favourite DINOSAUR!!!

Hahaha! Dress flying again!!

Playing around in USS before we leave for dinner! (:

*Cross-leg Pose make legs looked slimmer!*

Okay, I looked fat here. Ooops!

My favourite KungFu Panda!!!!! <3

Dinner Time lor~

Here again, at Vivo's Sushi Tei (:


Favourite Dish of all!

Softshell Crab is nice!!

Fried Chicken Cutlet with Mango Mayo
Chicken were partially ChaoTar, so doesn't taste that good,
but the mango mayo is nice!!!

End of my birthday le, felt so weird to be 21st, cuz after twinkling of an eye, I became old.
Okay lah! Old jiu old lor!
Not as if I will be young forever!
Just wanna be young at heart so that I will feel young and energetic and positive to manage everyday's stress!
From now onwards, I must double my "Jiayou" for myself!
Life will be tough, bills will be a never-ending intake, but I must be strong.
Never stop dancing, never stop to keep in shape & healthy - cuz health is one's greatest asset (:

Stay healthy people!

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