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Monday, October 8, 2012

Stomach Virus

Yes, all.
Waited for an hour in the clinic, thinking that it's only normal stomachache, but I guess I was wrong.
Doctor said that I'm down with Stomach Virus.
He thought that the food that I ate yesterday was unhygienic / dirty.
Gosh. I have to miss work today :(
There'll be a mountain load of work for me to do :'((

I had no appetite at all for breakfast, food tasted so bland.
Me no like to be sick :(
Doctor says me cannot eat Dairy products, no oily & spicy food.
But me like all of it..... :(

But I guess, I can take this day off to do some assignments or revision before heading to night class later on?
A blessing in disguise bahh!

Calves and thighs are aching from yesterday's morning jog, but it's been son long since I ran till my sweat's dripping! It might sound gross to you, but by letting out sweat is a good thing for your body! It helps in detoxing your body! (:

I've just send in my write up to my lecturer & hoping that I could get a reply soon from him so that I can start preparing for my test soon. The sample writeups that he sent us, were excellent! I think he is very kind already, cuz he gave us lots of hints and tips regarding the 30% class test!

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