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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Coco-Ichibanya & Our Baby, Pooh :))

Dressed up for Lunch Date at Bugis Plus ytd (:
Mustard Maxi that Zhen spotted for me at Far East Plaza!

& we had Coco-Ichibanya for lunch!!
Have been craving for Japan Curry Rice for so long, and this restaurant kinda has good ravings too!

We've got choose the spicyness of the curry, rice portion and add-ons too!

HeheHeheheheh.... *Spastic Face*

I didn't customise my curry cuz I chose Omelete Curry with Karage set that comes with drink + salad!

Dear got himself a Level 3 (x12) spicyness + Pork Cutlet + Tuna!!

$1 Tuna! 
Generous Portion!!!

Dear looks very serious when making this pot of lemon tea for me (:

Bittersweet ^^

This jar of pickles is very delicious!!!!
They put sesame oil in it, that's why it tasted so yummy!!!
Asked the counter if I can buy the pickles, but sadly, it's NOT FOR SALE ):

Yummy Yummy!
Dear finished his share!!
It's tough, conquering Level 3 Curry!!!
Well done, dear!!!

Shopped in Sephora and cashed out $84 ):
Bought makeup stuffs la, that's why I kinda overspent.
Need to eat grass until I get my next month's pay liao~~~

We are dying to try out Twelve Cupcakes, so we went to Bugis Junction's basement to get ourselves one!

$3 for One.
$6 for Two.
$17 for Six.

Red Velvet Cupcake!
Moist on the inside, doesn't taste overly sweet for the cake, but for the cream on top, it's kinda too sweet for me.

Will definitely try the other flavours next time!
*Love Love*

Let me show you what I bought in Sephora bah!
See if it's so outrageous of me to overspend in the shop!!

*Pls exclude Bifesta Makeup Remover*
That was bought in Watsons, $18.90.

Blusher $20, Colour Lip Balm $24.

Two way brush, $28.

Brush Cleaner, $12.

Not bad de laa!
All got use one!
Just nice, I trashed my old blusher, and I need to clean my dirty brush, so shun bian lor!


Today's a study day for me!
Woke up pretty early, 8.30am, to do some exercise to tone my body.
Oh ya, I've forgot to tell you all that,
Finally bought it to tone my arms!
Heh Heh~
Okay, back to topic.
Workout liao, rushed to Icon Medical to visit doc for my face.
He said got improvement, lesser breakouts.
Asked about the removing my oil seeds using laser, but he don't recommend it.
Cuz will have scar, then he can't guarantee that oil seeds won't come back again...
So, he says, use the cream that he prescribed last time round, to slowly let the oil seeds to be thinner.

Guess how much is the consultation fee + flu med + sunblock + cleanser?
Freaking $106!!!

Really eh, people, all of you must be healthy and content of your body & face hor!
There's a price to pay for everything de!

Okay la, dear sprang behind me & he carried this Huge Winnie the Pooh!!!
That's the present that he told me about!
Mad happy!!!

He told me that I could hug this Baby when I need comfort in the night (':
Thanks dear <3

Headed to YuHua Village's Mac to study for my upcoming test, Accounting & Finance.
Revision on Accounts & Balance sheet, & I kinda did well for my first attempt?
Need to keep on practising & I'll excel in it!
As for theory questions, lecturer says he left our essay with the academy so we can only get our essays + his feedbacks tmr ):
I sucked at theory questions de, cause I'm not very good at words....

Time checked: 4.15pm.
Done with revision for today &
Off we go to JCube!!

Wanted to source for Fake LongChamp's Bag, but me no find leis!!
I want that bag for study's day de~
Don't wanna let my Carlo Rino to get squeezed by the passengers ):
*Let me know where to buy one okay?*

Walked around JCube aimlessly & snapped some shots (:

My Zombie Baby!! 

Getting late le, I'm super duper drained.
It must be the accounts that made me so tired. ):
Gave my 100% during the revision hor!

Subzed tonight cuz I' feeling guilty for my McD's lunch earlier.
Go grab your eCoupons on Subway Singapore's facebook page for weekly promotions!


Till then, wish me luck! :D

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