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Sunday, August 19, 2012

New hairstyle unveiled (:

Hi everybody!
I'm here again (after nth days) for blogging!!!

I miss you guys & indirectly, I miss my stats count too... heheheh!
Please visit my blog often and click on the Nuffnang ads on the left side bar! Arigatoh!!! (:

Anyway, I've got good things to share with you guys!
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My favourite blogger, BongQiuQiu, made a review on her products!
Check it out here! ^^

As the title went, new hairstyle for me!
Went to Jeanyip at Bukit Panjang Plaza and asked for Shiina!
She was recommended by my aunt who frequent there for haircut, perming and colouring!

She was really nice and always seek my opinions on doing stuff to my hair before proceeding to any treatments!
Got myself a different shade for colouring!
Shiina said it was a 'cold' tone, not like the usual copper brown that my mum coloured for me & it brightens my face a little! :D

I'm lazy to comb my hair every morning too, so she had my hair bobbed up at the back!
I'm a happy kid now cuz I can snuggled a few seconds longer every morning! (as though few seconds will make a difference!) haha!

Anyway, I've been talking tooo much on the details and the process alr! Now.... its eye feasting time!

Not much of a difference leh...
Hair dont eat the color! Boooo!

Also, I've signed up a package on 5 free 1 treatments for $750 from JeanYip & good thing is that IT HAS NO EXPIRY DATE!

I totally have no idea why mum was super pissed at me for signing this package!
You see, it has no expiry date and treatments for me are colouring or scalp treatments that comes with free haircut!
Each treatment with haircut will easily cost me $200, but signing this up will only cost me $125 each!
So worth it right?!

So maybe when it's about new year, I can drop by and do treatments and trim hair, or when I'm 22nd, I can change hair color too!
One stone kills two birds!

Anyway, I'm getting busier cuz I'm gonna have birthday party next Saturday!
Banner's done, catering booked, instax ordered, guestbook half done, decorations also half done!
Looks like it's going to be fun!
Will be meeting up with Sandy tomorrow for shopping of new wears on 21st Birthday!
Stay tuned!

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