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Monday, August 27, 2012

21st Birthday Part I : Let's PARTY!

Okay.... It's my turn now!
I'm 21 this year!!!
Hahah! :D

Turning 21 is like having the key to freedom right?
Owell, if you dont have $, how can you have freedom to like owning houses, having cars or touring around the world?
So, for me, turning 21 is like accumulating 21 years of hardships, learning experiences, cries, laughter, achievements & love.
I've received 21 years of love from my family, 8 yrs of friendships, 3 yrs of love from my man. Oh man, I'm lucky, darn lucky. Now that I've listed out all of the love that I received from all of you, I felt so warmth and relieved. Relieved that all my loved ones are still around, supporting me and listening to my forever long rantings. I love you guys, seriously, I love all of you!

A year older means A year wiser - Thanks Don for your quote! Totally love it! You see! I still can remember it after reading the guestbooks after a day! Hahaha!

& to all that came down to my party, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! (for those that didnt even respond, too bad, you missed out the fun & definitely in the future, you won't get any chance to see me ever.) because you cared & treated me as a dear friend, that's why you came down. Now I knew who my true friends are, those that helped out no matter how tedious the job may be, let me just list down a few of my heros/heroine of the day:-

1. Adrian Lee

You're the first to say, "I'll definitely help you out in your party". You gave your all, helped me in blowing the balloons, shifting the chairs & tables and most importantly, you managed my stressful moments. No one can ever handled that, cuz I'm truely a pain in the ass when I can't get my stuff done like the way I want it to be. Thank you dear <3

2. Shun Zhen

8 yrs and still counting on. Asked for your help in the first place and you gave your all! We went to shop for guestbooks and banners, you gave ideas, did the guestbooks, bought the big helium balloon (thanks to ah hao & gina too!), helped in decorating the cake cutting table too! I'm speechless. I owe you toooooo much already! Thanks for being there whenever I needed you for 8 yrs, you've been a great counselor, a great friend, a great block-neighbour and a great sister! Love die youuu!! (:

3. Amanda Ting

Never expect your name to be here right? Hahaha! Yuppp! There you go! You're my next heroine of the day! You came surprisingly early and volunteered to help out though you're my guest. Not only that! You're my makeup artist for the day too! I think Don is really unlocking his good karma already! You're really a nice girl! Can I learn makeup from you? Hahha! (:

Oh, & I'll never forget Theng and Yan who rushed down to the party at the very last minute right after their performance! I very gan dong! Xie xie ni men! :D

For all who came down, your presence are most welcome and appreciated, hope you had fun & laughter & remember that we all are Friends Forever! ((:

for now........... it's peektures time!
I'll just post some of the nice photos here, the rest are on facebook (:

my mummy (:

my daddy (:

my brother!

my little cousins!

my ah ma!

thanks sandy & geraldine for the cake <3

my relatives (:

my love (:

my 8 yrs family!

my nss mates!

bloopers - i called out for the seniors in D3, then we were all discussing who's the oldest!

d3 1st batch

d3 2nd batch - don was like, i'm in 2nd batch too!

d3 juniors batch - all my cutie pies (:

i dunno what batch this is called - mixed batch XD

jitterbugs ladies (:

bro ftw!

sing song lo!

this liping very hiao, got bf to do hiao pose! xp

okay. i noticed smt. she carried that fork wherever she is, even when taking photo!

my fav sister with my fav bloated up pose under my fav lighting! <3
love this photo very much!

Party ends at 11pm sharp, cleared the stuffs, moved back the furniture and it's time to go home.
Party balloons were dragged and one full bag of banners and deflated balloons and some unwanted scraps of papers were stacked in a big paper bag! Luckily my dad came down to help! Ph-ew!

Alright! That's all for the party! Stay tuned for the presents unwrapping part!! :D


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