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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Singapore's 47th Birthday & Shopping Spree with Zhen!

Happy Birthday Singapore!!!

I've never felt so happy and appreciative on a National Day!
Maybe it's because of the rumors that had been spreading around the nation's big day, I felt so relieved that he is still here with us!  (:
Long live Mr. Lee Kuan Yew!

Anyway, I had been controlling my diet since end of July but it ain't getting anywhere. My weight stays the same and my tummy kinda buldges ):
I need a new diet plan & a new workout routine. Immediately.

Okay. Back to my title-related post, I've spent my national public holiday with B & we're at Marina Bay Link Mall for a view of the fireworks!!!

We thought the financial centre is linked to Marina Bay Link Mall so we went around in circles looking for the 'linking' place! &, I thought there wasn't anyone there, so camwhore time!

Asked B to help me take a full length shot!
Fat right?!


Next stop, Soup Spoon!
Soup Spoon has been my favourite restaurant since trying out the Chicken Raggout one year ago!

Mum Mum Time!

B's Favourite Caesar Salad!

Erm... I dunno what it's called but it's chef's speciality (:

Now for the heats, Fireworks!!!
Everyone was waiting for it to happen! Some people brought stools to get a better view while others chopped a place, placed mats and simply enjoyed! Hah!

Waiting for fireworks to start!!

Okay laa! Don't say I not nice, I took some chio pictures of the fireworks for you all to see! XP

Nice right? Heart shape leh!

Caught another one: Star Shape!

Fireworks end lo! Everyone chiooooonnnggg ahhh!!

Took this shot while speeding to Raffles Mrt with my blistered feet! Booo!


Shopping! Shopping! Shopping!
Finally get to shop after sooooo long!
Managed to meet up with Zhen for shopping & catchups! :D

Didn't get to dress up for today cuz me got work in the morning..
I miss tanks + high waist shorts + SLIPPERS! :/

Headed for V8 to have our early dinner!
Ambience is alright, quiet and nice, kinda like Astons, but there's lots more of food to choose from!
Heard from ShunZhen that this restaurant is opened by a local education institute!

Located at Bugis Junction Level 2!
Go try! :D

Sat beside this cutie pie! (:

Stare-into-the-blank pose FAILED! XP

Hazelnut Crunch Cake!
This is seriously nice!!

This Olive Fried Rice comes with FREE TomYum Soup!
Soup and Chicken are slightly salty, but overall, it's healthy and nice!

See how much she LOVES her cake!!

And........ I had loots for work attire!
2 dresses + 1 belt + 1 bandage skirt = $51 !!
Also, I bought falsies for $1 each! Buy 3 get 2 free somemore! :DD
*Happy Girl*

Pretty falsies at a very Cheap Price!!

Guess I'll have to keep watching Budget Barbie for more affordable and trendy clothing!
Save $$, be Trendy!!! :))

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