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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Super busy!

Today's really the start of my life as a HR Assistant.
I went to the loo for less than 4 times today, had only 30 mins of my lunch break to myself & yet I can't finish  today's work at all. I wanted to do OverTime, but I want to dance, so I skipped it.

& when today's Tina's choreography starts, I went blank. Nothing, I mean NOTHING, went into my head. I was blindly dancing. Body does the dance, but my heart can't feel the music at all. All I thought was about work, work & WORK!

I was only entrusted with 2/3 of my job scope & yet, I'm kinda 2/3 paralysed. How am I gonna survive uh? I tried to squeeze everything in my head,'s hard. Nevertheless, I still need to work hard. Work hard first, then work smart, don't yeah think so too?

Sorry Tina, my mind was occupied with lots of stuff thus I did not give my best today. I will do better next week, I promised. 

On a side note, my weekend was fun! *happy happy* 
Thanks to B & Junnies (:
Pictures say it all :DD

TBG night <3

TBG Chop!

Wrong outfit that day! Stupid Top! Soooo ugly can!

Leggings bought together with the one I wore for Jitterbugs Recital!

Chiooooooooo Junnies (:

R.A.F from France! They're dopppppeeee!

JinJo Crew from KOREA!!!! 
They're my new fav. dance crew! 

Alright, that's all for my last weekend (:

&, I would like to take this chance to thanks GERALDINE & SANDY FOR BUYING MY BIRTHDAY CAKE FOR MY PARTY!
I thought alot about wanting both of you to just attend the party but I felt very touched by this word, "自己人". This word is the warmest word of all. Thanks sweetheart, I love both of you <3

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