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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekends' fun (:

Hello everybody! Miss me? :D

Spastic enough? :DD

I've spent the last weekend with junnies and B. & this weekend, I going to spend it with my ACE kids & B! Yayy!!

3rd August was Menghan (P6 kid)'s birthday, & as I was unable to make it in time to visit him in ACE, I asked if it was okay for him to celebrate his birthday over a dinner at BPP! He brought Junyu (P5) along too! That clowny kiddo never fails to awe me! & Menghan wore the PANDA shirt, which is one of my favourite animals! :DD

There was a long queue as Iciban Sushi, so we queued for about 30mins for the delicacies? Hah! The food was really nice, I had Teriyaki Donburi while the kids had Half Udon. They said they cant eat much, but guess what they ate? Half Udon, Chanwamushi, a plate of sushi and Tokyo Sunrise (drinks). & what I actually had was Teriyaki Donburi, Ocha & half plate of sushi! Amazing uh, still tell me both of you are small-eaters! ((:

After dinner, we went to the arcade. Yeah know, for kids, arcade is a place where they can cast their stress aside and simply have, fun. Junyu was like acting shy at first, keep saying, "I don't want to play...", but in the end.....

Then, as for Saturday, I went back co. to do OverTime cuz there's too much things undone! Hehe! I can earn extra also laa, so one stone kill two birds (: After that, I rushed over to work at KP which is at ChoaChuKang! Busybusybusybusybusy, but..... me like! :D

B came to visit me at KP & he brought self-made Caesar Salad! Purely made by himself! ((: Happy to the max! & it tastes delicious!

Salad made with love (:

That was kinda my dinner for that day, cuz after having a Regular Popcorn for myself, I can't stuff anymore food inside my tummy. :/

I need to get a new waist belt, this belt makes me looked fat for the whole of yesterday! Booooo!

& before I forget, Happy 19th Birthday Julie!!! <3<3<3

Spammed photos of you! xp

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