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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dieting Plans

Yupp. I'm going on a diet for 1 month till my birthday party! It's not those kind where I'll starve or do extreme exercise. I'm going to restrict myself for not eating some healthy food and do moderate exercises to get back my shape..

Things that I'm quitting would be: Fried Food, Bubbletea ( say bye-bye to my favourite GongCha :( ).
Yeah. Just these two.
& I've gotta eat more veggies and fruits/yogurt! :D
Luckily I've made friends with veggies during the time when I worked in ACE, so it should be no problem!

Okay, for now right, birthday party planning is still in progress, but it would be lovely if someone would buy me a birthday cake, cuz I'm kinda running out of budget. My family is neither helping out nor forking money for this party. This party is SOLELY ON ME! :DD

Please be very (x100000) honoured to be invited okay? I just wanna everyone who is coming to enjoy themselves! (:

Till then, diet diet diet!  (:

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