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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Love, with Falsies (:

Made the effort to put on falsies and makeup (:

Was going to attend Adrian's Friend's 21st Party!
Theme: Casino Royale!

But, pardon me, me no like casino :p

Thick, fat arms ):

Happy Birthday, Yuan Kai (:


Have decided to go with a get-together celebration for my 21st.
So, there's quite alot of things for me to prepare...
Location, food, theme, & of course, FRIENDS AND FAMILY!

Was super happy when my relatives agreed to come down for the celebration (:
Thanks very much!
& for friends that I've lost in touch and is coming down for my celebrations, I'm more than thankful! 

Now, me waiting for confirmations from Facebook to order for the catering.
Anyone had recommendations for Caterers?

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