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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Teaching Journey

Today marks the journey of me being a teacher for 1 full year, from July 2011 till June 2012. I've made friends who are 10 years older and 1 year younger than me. They are the ones who trained me from an OL to a teacher. Thanks SL and AK for guidance + laughters + enjoying dark chocolates for this one year, I'll miss you guys! :')

For the kids that I've been with for one full year, Zi Wei, Jun Kai, Xiang En, Hui Wen and my panda, Dong Xuan, you kids made my blood boils and also bring epic moments to my life. Thanks for being the obedient kids in ACE & I want all of you to work hard for your exams, play hard but work harder! :D

Boys: Silvestre, XiangEn, Panda, JunKai
Girls: LadyGaga, ZiWei

 For JunYu & Meng Han, you two are really the jokers! I find no reasons why I should hate you two (for jy, you did make me angry before) cuz both of you are kinda made for each other! LOL! What I mean was that you two can make fun of each other for life, but will still be BFF at the end of the day! :)


I like teaching but when handling 40 students at one go is really too stressful for me. I love my kids, I love my working environment, but I don't like my pay. (LOL!) More pictures will be uploaded on my facebook so if any of the kids or colleagues who will miss the good times (or me, LOL), then visit my facebook albums (: Alright, my teaching shall end here, and it's time to begin a new chapter of life. I will definitely come back and visit all of you, promise. Gosh, I'm going to tear again. Bye.

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