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Monday, June 25, 2012

Sentosa Day with D3 Alumnis on 23 June

The day finally came! It's a once in a year time gathering with my beloved Alumnis, YanZong, Yuting, Alex, Kah Hao, Donovan, Amanda, Liping and Adrian! It's been a long time since I last met Yan and Yuting already!! You guys had been busy dancing/working/serving NS! Felt so great to see all of you again! :DD

There's some hiccups during the day but we all did enjoyed ourselves! Wasn't really sure where to meet so we've decided on Sentosa! Played on the sand, building sandcastle, strolling along the beaches, swimming in the salty water, stoned on a rock and of course, enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the sun setting (:

Explode lo!!!

The late-comers~ XP

Guys acting cool infront of the camera! Ooops, yan, you're acting cute! XP

Beautiful Sun Set!

Pat Tor liao wor~

A day of sitting on the grasses to have our impromptu dinner of MacDonald & some tour guide giving away "Song of the Sea" tickets for free! How fun was it?! Haha!

Yuitng says, "Pai wo!"

15 free tickets!

Now Showing, Song of the Sea

& I forgot to take a group shot together :( Gosh, I'm so tight up with the happiness of getting together and I forgot a group shot?! Blur sotong! Well, we shall take a group shot on the next meetup at XLB Buffet? XP
Yes! You didn't hear wrongly that I mentioned XLB BUFFET!!!! Still remembered that night when we ordered more than 5 baskets of XLB & everyone was stuffing those into their bellies? :D Arghhh, I didn't take any shots that night! Can't find pictures on facebook! Boooo! I don't care, I must take shots of the happy moments together again!!! 

Till we meet again alright? Miss you guys already! <3

& good news!
I'm starting work this Wednesday, 27th June 2012!
I wanted to start work next week cause I wanted to spend more time alone, but since there's this lady who need to handover stuffs to me, so I've got only one more day to enjoy & I'll be starting a new working journey at the new company! (:

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