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Monday, June 18, 2012

ShunZhen's out of town for 5 weeks!

15th June '12

Yup! The title says it all. Zhen will be out of town for 5 weeks. This is mad. I'm mad! I sound so calm!!!! No! I'm not calm at all! No one's gonna go shopping with me already! No one's gonna go cut hair with me! Arggghhhh!! I felt so bored! Wait. I have Skype and I'm gonna Skype. I must Skype! LOL! Okay. Fine. I'll skype her (: Problem solved!

Okay, I took half day leave from work so that I could send her off. (Yeah, I used this reason. LOL!) Went to her house after a short nap and we had (or rather, she had) her last meal in her house, which is Mee Sua!

Then, an hour later, we went down to void deck to wait for Zhen's daddy's van. Engine's rumbling, and off we go. It's getting nearer to the airport already. I'm getting quieter already...

Looked everywhere for Gina & Gang and there they are! (: It feels so great to see them like once in a blue moon! Group shots with the gang and off to walk around the airport!

Jo, Zhen, Qing, Jie, Hao, Gina <3

The moment came. It's time we bid goodbye. Gina & I were like waving and tearing at the same time. Getting too emotional though we knew that she's coming back in 5 weeks. We'll miss you Zhen. I'll miss you. :(

16th June '12

Today, we finally met! Darkies, I miss all of you!
Ever since we've graduated and the boys went for army services, we still forked out time for each other!
Though there's a wee bit of hiccups on this day, but we still get to see each other right?
As long as our hearts stays in DC, we'll always be Darkies!!! Haha! Sounded mushy but anyway.... our eventful picnic will be at Botanic Gardens! Of all places, we chose BG. With the scorching sun, blazing weather, WE CHOSE BG! Wth! Yes, we're that HOT, don't be jealous! (:

Feeding the duckies (:

Sexy pose from the Drunken of the day!

Played card games and ate Gummies! Gummies are DELICIOUS!!!! It's kinda our lunch. Yea. So, there we are, all lazing around doing nothing at all. We're like aimless Darkies hiding under the shade of a tree, looking at how others were having such a good life to sit on a BIG mat and play in the sun, when we don't even have a MAT to start with! Strolled to a pavillion and Awesome decided to start with Ice Breaking Games! I know, LOL, but this is how we entertain ourselves. We were like playing the concentrating games, & I ACCIDENTALLY run away from a poke battle (sorry Kah!), & finally we set off for Cineleisure. Like a yeah!!! Aircon, I'm coming for you!

On the train ald!

Cine, we dao lo! Alex told us that we could rent a room at Level 9 of Cine to play Kinect, Xbox, Wii, watch movies, have whatever nonsense craps inside! Queued and saw Meena at the counter! She did slimmed down alot! (: After sending Shayne off, me and Nari joined in the fun! It's so hilarious when the boys are dancing to a sexy songs and when they were fighting for the points for DanceCentral!

Good time doesn't stay long. Time's up and we're leaving the room :(
The boys wanna play darts so I snuggled myself on the black sofa near the darts. Not very interested in darts laa. Camwhore abit but failed, cuz photos blurred. Delete it. Tsktsk.

New bag from Cine few weeks ago! $5 nia!

Lift down to Javier's but it's pathetically FULL! All occupied, not even a step is allowed near the tables. :( So we changed our dinning location to Botak Jones! Previously, I wasn't really thinking when I bought LAYS from Cold Storage and carelessly ate some of the chips. So for dinner, half Cajun Chicken and Coleslaw.  & for Kah, our da wei wang, ordered 3 steak burger + half bowl of Mee Soto + koping fries from Alex & Yan. Where did all the food go? He's not fat for goodness sake!

His Jumbo Steak Burger!

Bid farewell to the forever-late Darkies cuz I gotta rest well for my work tmr morning! 8.30am for work at CCK ): Ming ku laa!

17th June '12

MacBreakfast for me to kick start my day! McMuffin with Hushbrown and Mocha Frappe! Cost me $6.10 ): Ikr, it's so expensive!

Promised Dean (adrian's sis) to support them for their debut flea booth at Scape today! Remembered the ones that I helped out for a blogshop earlier on? If you've no idea at all, why not visit their webby for more eye-sensation?

Visit Develyn & start shopping! (:

& I forgot to bring down my hiphop shoes that I've wanted to sell like nth days ago, so gotta rush back home to take it.. ): Yes. I'm a sotong.

Bus 700 is taking its own sweet time to come so Adrian & I camwhored abit! (:

My hideous face!

 After passing the shoes & clothes to Dean, Adrian & I headed to ArtTease to get our bubble tea, Hoeny Oolong Tea with mini pearls! <3

Spent our time at PlayNation cuz we simply have nothing to do at all! I don't wanna buy clothes at the flea cuz I'll be meeting Ping for Bugis Street tmr! Can't wait! (: Played DanceCentral after attempting L4D & we were dizzy while playing it! The screen just keeps moving! Really have no idea how guys played this kind of game!

As usual, I won almost every game! :p Thanks Adrian for letting me win! Hahahahaaaaaha! Dinner time's here and we're up for Javier's! Finally Javier's! My long-awaited Fill The Plate! We ordered Chicken Baked Rice + Dory + Fill The Plate + Snapple! These are my lunch and dinz. But I didn't eat much, stomach's getting weird these day. Always to be bloated though I wanted some food for my itchy mouth. Guess, it's the merging of my self-discipline of not splurging and gorging on junk food? Good stomch, good stomach. (:

Here comes our food!


One shot with the food!

Adrian's gonna book in, so we rushed to get the bus. Persuaded Adrian to accompany me if not, I will be alone again... Went over to Zhen's house cuz I was thinking her mum might not know how to start up Skype, so wanna offer my help. But, I forgot that her brother knows technology. Zzz. At least I helped right? Finally get to see Zhen after a day (: She said the temperature there is 17 Degree Celsius! Take me with you! I'm melting in Singapore already! After the skyping session, Zhen's mummy gave me 8 dumplings that she just learn to wrap! Thanks Aunty! (:

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