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Monday, June 11, 2012

Casual Lunch with B at Pizzahut

Had a wonderful open house experience in Jitterbugs yesterday!
Enjoyed the 3 hours open class with Sandy and Geraldine!
Bumped into some of my dance friends from OSchool too! (:

Anw, B and I met up on Sunday noon for a lunch date cause I'll be working at 2pm afterwards!
We had Pizzahut for Lunch!

My Favourite Cheesy Mushroom!

B's Curry Zazzle Rice. Me sore throat, can't eat it ):

Sausage Mania. Last time ones is better than now...

Okay, unglam photos for now!!

So after we had our lunch , we headed down for shopping!
Bought shorts from Cotton On!
B says the yellow ones is nicer so tada !!!!!

U.P $34.95, now $15!!!

Soon, his stomach began to rumble again, so we went to Mac and bought $2 Mac Filet, Banana Crunch McFlurry and 2 Sausages from the Pasar Malam!

very nice!!

 Alright, one last selca of me when I'm bored at work! :p
Still couldn't see the difference in my skin yet. I've only been using the cleanser for 3 days and I can feel that my skin is less oiler! The pimple roll is also cool! Instant dryness of my red, swollen pimples! (:

 Ps: Above is a scheduled post so now I'm writing on behalf of  13th June 2012:-

Met up with BFF at Pizzahut cuz there's a 1-for-1 deal on weekdays and tried a new dish called The Cheesy Mussels! Didn't had time to take the photos of it as we were both HUNGRY!! BFF was going on a study trip on this Fri so it's kinda like a farewell dinner luh (as if she's not coming back liddat!) She was going to study there for 5 weeks laaa!! Haha!

Spending time together really feels comfy luh. Like she's there when you need someone to talk to lo~ But hor, I kinda pissed her off again. Sians. I've always had this kind of 'feeling' of being tooooo sensitive and paranoid. I just don't like the feeling of people casting me out. So, I always think that I've done something wrong or somehow or rather, I've offended people without me realizing it.

I should forget about this trival matter right? As in, I've my BFF & that's enough already. Why should I ask for more? Why am I ever not satisfied? Why this? Why that? Haix! Life is full of shit already, I've to live the shit out of my life, at least beautifully right? LOL! Act chim only! Okay laa! No more ranting for now liao~ Ciaos people! Cya on Friday! Gonna send you off~ Weeeee~

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